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Ryan Howard

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Curious on some people's input...

Do I try and sell Howard now in hopes to get something above average or just wait it out because he will snap out of it?

I have had some offers but I cant give up on him just yet !!!

B McCann

R Howard

R Cano

M Mora

J.J. Hardy

C Granderson

J Francoeur

A Rios

A Jones

J Morneau

D Matsuzaka

R Clemens

Cliff Lee

J Lackey

A Sanchez

R Hill

J Schmidt

B Colon

J Borowski

D Willis

F Rodriguez

A Pettitte

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Howard is a ticking timebomb this season. One of two things can happen and its way to early to tell which way he will lean. He can either explode over the next 3 months and could be on pace to repeat or come near his 06 stats or he will really fail and not produce. I would hold onto him and see how he plays out. If by June, you do not see any improvements then it might be time to move him.

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