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Who to drop for waivers !Whir!


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I am most likely going to put in a claim for (1) Bryce Brown and (2) Tre Mason

Also is Doug Baldin worth replacing picking up?

Who should I drop to make these claim?

Brian Quick

Justin Hunter (Jake Lockers back)

or should I give up on the dream and drop Montee Ball

Any other players on my roster just name them

Roster in the signature below

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Hmm. I'd keep both Ball and Quick.

Quick showed us what he can do before he began this brutal stretch of the schedule. I think he'll come good later on, he has the talent for sure.

I'd dump Stewart and keep Ball. It's a long shot, but if Ball does regain his starting role when he returns then you'll be laughing. Meanwhile, even if Tre, Denard or Brown get the starter's job, you'll still start Forte and Forsett over both.


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