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Rank these teams 1-4(1 being best) 9cat H2H


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This league is a 12 team 9 cat H2H. But which is the best?

Team 1

PG-Kyle Lowry

SG-Victor Oladipo

SF-Trevor Ariza

PF-Kevin Love

C-Joakim Noah

G-Arron Afflalo

F-Tim Duncan

UTIL-Robin Lopez

UTIL-Jose Calderon

UTIL-Danillo Gallinari

Bench-Josh McRobers

Team 2

PG-Deron Williams

SG-Kobe Bryant

SF-Carmelo Anthony

PF-Serge Ibaka

C-AL Horford

G-Eric Bledsoe

F-Markieff Morris

UTIL-Kyle Korver

UTIL-Terrence Jones

UTIL-Larry Sanders

Bench-Nikola Pekovic

Team 3

PG-Trey Burke

SG-Monta Ellis

SF-LeBron James

PF-Jared Sullinger

C-Chris Bosh

G-Kemba Walker

F-Jabari Parker

UTIL-Jeff Teague

UTIL-Nerlens Noel

UTIL-KJ McDaniels

Bench-Alec Burks

IR-Rodney Stuckey

Team 4

PG-John Wall

SG-Klay Thompson

SF-Tyreke Evans

PF-Blake Griffin

C-Dwight Howard

G-Ricky Rubio

F-Tyreke Evans

UTIL-Nikola Vucevic

UTIL-Jameer Nelson

UTIL-GIannis Antetokounmpo

Bench-Nik Stauskas

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