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Looking for LeBron/WHIR.


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New guy in the league swung and missed on the draft big time, and he's ripe for the picking after an 8-1 first week. Thinking about making an offer on LeBron. Dude's roster is TRAGICALLY bad.

Tough to lowball for LBJ, even when he's on a sinking ship. Is Millsap/Conley too much, too early? I know they'll both improve on a crappy Week 1, but feels like it'll need to be something in that range to get him. Still, I might be prematurely jumping the gun on trades.

Full roster is in the signature as far as other guys I could offer, and the other option is to take a swing at prying Boogie Cousins off him; my bigs aren't as strong as I'd like.

Appreciate any thought, folks. Thanks.

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