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WHIR-Gordon/Williams for Lynch/Benjamin - Keeper League


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I am in a 2-QB Keeper League, and drafted Gordon in the 10th round. I've held him all year and now he's great trade bait. I am being offered Lynch and Benjamin for my Gordon and Terrence Williams to a guy who isn't making the playoffs. I have the following potential keepers and rounds for next year.

Julius Thomas: 16th round

ROnnie Hillman: 17th

Shoelace Dennard: 17th

Rivers: 11th

and Benj would be 9th as well.

Gordon should have an impact when he gets back, and I really have no WR depth as good starters (Evans/Decker/D.Jax). I think Benj should suffice with a great running team that I have (McCoy and Mathews) also.

BUT, is Gordon so good I can't trade him cause of his keeper value? Would you do this? If so, who would you see as the best keepers (I say Julius and ??? right now)

Can keep for three years, each year it goes up one round.

QB's are Rivers and Stafford.

Thanks and post your link.

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Lynch is about to E X P L O D E.


If you want to make a run this year I'd absolutely do it. If you want to save up Gordon then don't.

Keepers would be Orange Julius and Benjamin, and it ain't close. You would have several WR2 with no WR1, so you'd be right where you are now. Only you'd have a top 5 RB + McCoy. If it was me I'd go for the trade, because I love me some Beast Mode.


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