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Love, Ibaka, Lopez vs Cousins, Horford


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8 Cat 8 Teams Roto League (FT, FG, Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, TO, Blocks), no keepers.

My Team is:

PG: Lillard, Wall, Rondo

SG: Harden, Butler

SF: Leonard, Draymond

PF: Love, Markieff, Ibaka, Gibson

C: B.Lopez, Dieng

I'm pretty disappointed by Love's and Ibaka's numbers so far, expected a lot more. Lopez is garbage. Someone offered me Cousins and Al Horford for them, he would drop Korver. Available players (on waiver): T.Young, Calderon, D.Lee, Pierce, Pekovic.

Should I accept the offer? And who should I add from waivers if I do it?

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No way. You have to remember that the cavs are still gelling which will affect Love. At a glance, Ibaka's numbers wont light up your eyes, but you have to remember that his value comes from his elite block numbers. and now that he is hitting 3s at a consistent clip, he's even better. I think you are undervaluing him. Won't get you the double doubles all the time, but 3s and blocks are really hard to come by in one player. Lopez is in the same situation as Love. Nets have no identity right now. Give it time. I have high hopes he'll go back to being that 20 PPG big man we remember.

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You are selling low on Ibaka especially. I have him as well and I'm hoping that after Dec 15 when both Durant and WB are back he will start rolling producing better than Horford. Cousins is beasting but Love is good too and Brook Lopez is a perfect buy low opportunity. I think your giving too much. In the short run I would take cousins side but long run I would stick

Just saw your in a 8 team league so you can find many players on Waiver, so I would consider doing it because Cousins is the best player.

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