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Pick 1 for tonights Game


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I dont post very often for Start/Sit advice, but this is one decision I am having a tough time with.

Both these guys are high risk / high reward players and are ranked similarly in most places.

Both secondaries are weak and seemingly vulnerable to the big-play.

Torrey: Been solid lately and the more proven option, but BAL may go run-heavy and Smitty loves the National Spotlight.

Stills: Huge upside, more passes to be thrown by NO, but Graham and Colston haven't gone anywhere, and Graham/Ingram get most of the red-zone TD's.

Who do you think I should I start? And Why?

Any help would be appreciated.


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That's tough, man. Brees is the better QB, obviously, so I'd lean Stills. Especially with Cooks out.


The problem is that Brees will throw a TD pass to the locker room janitor if he could, so you never know what's going to happen.

Since BAL defends TEs and the run well, I think I'd still lean Stills (BAL isn't good against the pass).

I think it's Stills/Torrey 51/49.

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