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Win and in week; WHIR


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Help me choose who to start this week. We start 2 RB/3WR/1/TE/1FLEX. Also taking options on who to pick up at TE from the WW:


J. Hill

G. Bernard

S. Vereen

C.J. Anderson

C. Sims


O. Beckham

D. Bryant

G. Tate

R. White

D. Adams

J. Landry


N. Paul

J. Reed

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Yeesh, the RB situation is tough. CJ Anderson seems like the only lock in that bunch. Probably pair him with Gio, but I think you could flip a coin to decide between Gio and Hill. Beckham, Bryant, Tate at WR. Vereen at the Flex. Whoever is healthy at TE...it seriously doesn't matter, it's a dart throw weekly if you don't have Gronk, Graham or Thomas.


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