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NBA Re-Draft League Looking For Many GMs


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Hi guys,

I'm an admin of a brand new forum dedicated to Re-Draft games for all 4 major sports, including basketball. What is a re-draft? This should explain it: www.sport-buzz.com/private/showthread.php?t=32

The NBA ReDraft is a very simple concept, take every player currently eligible to play or in the NBA, put them in a big pool of players, then let teams controlled by Sport-Buzz users select players one by one in a "snake style" draft (i.e. you have 1st pick in 1st round, you'll have last pick in 2nd round). Competition can get fierce at times as all teams compete to assemble the best possible lineup. A majority part of the game involves trading, swapping of picks, moving up or down in the draft, or to improve a weak spot on the team. Teams must stay below a set salary cap limit.

We're looking for many new members so that we can fill up the league and get this underway. So join up! B)

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