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Help me set my lineup. WHIR


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Like everybody else, looking to win my first round playoff matchup. Heavy underdog.

Got 22.2 from Dez+Bailey while opponent got 35 from Cutler+Witten on TNF.

Need to start 2 RB's and 1 Flex from these guys in my .5PPR league (full team in sig)

Joique v. TB

Gio v. PIT

Mathews v NE

Latavius v SF

A.Williams @ TENN

K. Benjamin @ NO

Torrey @ MIA

Any input is appreciated. If you leave a link I will get back.


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Apart from guessing (?) your league is bonus heavy, QB friendly (looks like all that is Cutler, thought I saw Witten getting only 2pts, give or take, in Standard?), and being you are from Detroit, and in my first play in 2010 I snuck into the playoffs at 6-7, in 6th, I will peruse your lineup and toss in my 2 cents (actually, peruse implies more scrutiny than folks think that word does imply).

I see after further reading it is .5ppr (I don't ppr, Full Disclosure).

As to personnel, I would give you an initial cut, down to 4, for your 3 required:

Joique, Gio, R. Mathews and K. Benjamin.

Maybe Gio is the weak sister, maybe KB is.


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Thank to everybody for the input.

I will roll with Joique+Mathews for my 2 RBs.

For the flex decision:

If Jennings is inactive, Andre will get the start.

But if Jennings is active the choice between Benjamin v Torrey is not clear cut to me.

Benjamin was shut down at home against NO a month ago.

Cam has looked dazed and confused and can't function under pressure, and NO will bring the pressure.

BUT, garbage time stats are definitely possible.

Torrey has been on fire as Smitty slows down. Silva thinks that Grimes will cover Smitty, leaving Torrey with some scrub CB. Both BAL and MIA have tough run-Ds, so there may be plenty of passes thrown. But we dont know for sure who grimes will shadow.

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