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Solid Conley/Love deal?


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Punting assists in a H2H league and Conley's my best PG (arguably my only with any any real trade value just now) chip. Got another owner with bare bones roster down with the following deal:

Mike Conley/Robin Lopez/Ryan Anderson


Kevin Love/Jonas Valanciunas

He's just waiting to see if this Lebron knee injury is a real thing or not, make sure Love isn't going to go nuts during an extended LBJ absence. Punt assists, take a little hit in steals and triples (which I can afford and supplment off the wire as needed) and get a mild nudge in FT%, rebounds, and points when you factor in IT2 coming back off the IR.

Pretty confident about this one, but always good to have a few second opinions from you fine folks. Will happily WHIR for useful analysis.

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