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IR Conundrum.

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Already have Robin Lopez and Kawhi Leonard filling my IR spots, and it looks like George Hill's going to be eligible any day now. Don't have the record or the roster necessary to hold in injured player in my active roster.

Dump Rolo, right? Still something like another month until his return, wasn't quite living up expectations anyways, might be able to grab Henson or someone like that once Hill goes IR-eligible.

Am I missing anything?

And if I could take a moment to bitch on behalf of my fellow Kawhi owners .. this hand injury business is just soul-crushing. Killing me.

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How many teams?

I would drop Hill. It'll take him even more time to get to full strength & start producing useful numbers. Im just not a fan of owning any IND players honestly, esp. in the long run because they have nothing to play for. I think the RoLo wait will be worth it, esp. with his PO sched. If you drop him, he'd probably get picked up. I think it's about 3 weeks until he's back.

EDIT: actually I just saw you can't afford to wait for RoLo... If that's the case, yeah drop him. It wouldn't be worth holding him if it could cost you a playoff spot.

- Who's available on the wire tho?


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10 squads. I can afford to hold Rolo if I drop Hill; it's one or the other. Sorry if that was confusing. I just can't afford three weeks-long injured dudes just now, and I'm obviously holding Kawhi.

Wire guys I might snag if I drop Hill tonight (since he's not IR-dependent yet):

Henson (good snag for punting assists, though Aldrich/Plumlee are already blowing up my FT% and he won't help)



Wes Johnson


JR Smith

Honestly, happy to hear thoughts on any of these guys, 'cause Calderon and Chalmers are also on thin ice right now. Only still around because I'm loathe to cut competent guy getting 30+ minutes a night, but this is getting absurd with those two.

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