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Trading for KD / get rid of Cousins?


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I'm worried about Boogies latest performances, maybe the firing of Malone has a bad influence on his numbers? So I'm trying to get rid of him (shall I?).

Asked for KD, his owner wants Boogie + x. My team (8 Team Roto League, no keepers, 8 Cat (FG%, FT%, Reb, Ast, Stls, Blk, TO, Pts):

CP3, Lowry, Lillard

Harden, Butler


Favors, Monroe, Faried

Cousins, Dieng, Gobert, T.Thompson

What would you offer for KD? My worst categories are FG% (3) and TO (1), I'm in first or second place in each other category.

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IMO, Boogie is worth equally with KD in your current settings.

I'd rather give up TOs...

Trade Lillard to Wall/Westbrook owner

Lillard's value is depreciated with no treys included in your league's categories.

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M.Gasol owner has Westbrook, J.Johnson, J.Smith, Griffin, Crawford, Horford, Wiggins, Parson, Hibbert, deRozan, Antetokounmpo, Kanter. Who should I aim for? Don't know if the Greek Freak is too less, but he has a nice FG% and delivers in multiple categories...

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I'm actually high on Giannis this season. As you said, he can provide in multiple areas. That being said, it's a decent trade to receive M Gasol + Giannis.

Personally, as a Cousins owner, I would hold. The season is still early and his slump still out performs most centers in the league.

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