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I would not touch Chris Davis personally. As for Frazier, he is 28 and I don't see much upside there , and I also don't expect his steal numbers to reach 20 again. If I had the top pick I would go with 6 keepers and roll the dice on what's out there in the draft.

Frazier over Davis for sure

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I love Pence as a perennially undervalued player, but it's hard to justify him relative to the others:

1. He's 32 and will probably reduce his SB over time

2. He's 32 and so forever isn't that much longer for him

3. He will miss a month with a broken arm this year

I would easily keep Teheran over him, and probably Hamels and Mesoraco as well. If you want "all he does is produce" then Hamels is truly your guy. Except for those pesky wins. You gotta love that consistent K/BB of about 4.0 on him (3.77 career).

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