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Beal/Gay for Millsap/Hayward?


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14 team keeper league where we keep 8 year to year. I just completed the following trade

I gave: Bradley Beal, Rudy Gay, 2nd Round Pick

I got: Paul Millsap, Gordon Hayward

I hate to move Beal in a keeper league but I feel the return I got is huge. The draft pick is a 2nd rounder after 14 teams select 8 keepers so it would be approximately after the top 140 players have been selected. Here is the rest of my squad before the trade

PG: Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas (PG/SG), Ronnie Price (PG/SG)
SG: Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza (SG/SF)
SF: Draymond Green (SF/PF),Nikola Mirotic (SF/PF), Andrew Wiggins (SG/SF)
PF: Anthony Davis (PF/C), Ryan Anderson (PF/C), Rudy Gay (SF/PF)
C: Joakim Noah (PF/C), Larry Sanders (PF/C), Enes Kanter (PF/C)
What do you guys think? Did I win? Did I lose?
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I think you made a good move here. Hayward can fill it up much better than Beal, doesn't have the injury history, and it more of a focus on his team that Beal is. I'm not a huge Rudy fan, so I think the Millsap switch is a good one too. Good work.

Thanks for the help on mine.

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It's a wash of a trade in value but I like it for you. As an owner of both Hayward & Millsap on one of my teams I can confidentially say that you are going to enjoy owning them. They both produce across the board. Beal and Gay are great scorers but don't exactly excel in much else.

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I've never done a keeper league, let alone trade draft picks, so maybe I'm undervaluing that aspect a bit.

But the way I see it its a big win.

I think now and down the line Millsap > Gay, and Hayward > Beal

Giving up a pick next year to have these guys as keepers for as long as you want. Sign me up.

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Eh, I like the trade even for standard (let alone a keeper). Millsap's the best player there, and Hayward is only slightly less value than Gay. I'm not thrilled at Beal this season and if you don't need the pick (e.g. you have a solid team), it's a good move.


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