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Jrue or Klay--WHIR


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Dynasty League Standard ESPN League with added Oreb Dreb DD

Here is my Roster

PG/SG: Kyrie - Blesdoe - Jack-

SF: Klay - Korver - Stephenson(IR)

PF/C: Bosh - Noel - Jonas - Markieff - Taj - J. Hill - Robin(IR)

I would send:


RoLopez (IR)

I get:


Cole Aldrich

Jrue been really good this year but hurt his ankle last night

What do you guys think??

WHIR--Leave Link

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1000% klay. and agreed, RoLo >>>> Cole. Cole's only putting up anything at all becuase NY is just THAT SHI**Y. He's not even doing that well either. RoLo will be back soon enough, and he'll be putting up his consistent numbers again. Definitely stay with Klay.

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