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Who are the drops?


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Getting Leonard back off IR tonight, and George Hill by sometime next week. Need to make some drops with the rest of the season in mind, and it's important to know I'm punting assists. Candidates are:

Eric Gordon

Cole Aldrich

Harrison Barnes

George Hill

Pretty set on bouncing Aldrich for Kawhi today or tomorrow; he might get those minutes back but the upside is limited either way, and he's been dreadful; definitely picked up the worst of the "suddenly surging big men".

Somewhat torn on Gordon/Barnes/Hill. Gordon has been solid and plays a ton of minutes but the TOs are killer. Barnes is up and down and does nothing in the peripherals, but his percentages and rebounding at SF are solid and fit my deficiencies. And while I'm punting assists, I think I really should keep Hill just to ensure that I have more than 2 qualified PGs going forward.

Instinct tells me Aldrich and Barnes. Thoughts?

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I like the moves you're thinking of making in Aldrich and Barnes. They just don't do enough for me to warrant a spot on your team. As for Hill, I'd wait till he strings a few good games together and pair him with someone to sell high. Who knows how long he will be healthy for. Not a chance I'm taking again.

Help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=504848

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