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While the big relatively anonymous sites like Yahoo are just catching up to advanced metrics, this site has been at it for well over a decade. Can you handle fielding a well-rounded team? How are you at balancing the quality of the defense you have on the field with the bats you want to pencil in your lineup card? How about the challenge of getting a last place team to turn a profit while stacking your youth talent for the future? Ever thought it would be cool to find a game that simulates actually running an MLB team like a real GM and team Owner have to do? Well this is it.

This is a very advanced league with many unique attributes:

  • Reserve clause and arbitration system for younger players (signed minor league prospects have a potential 6 years under your team control)

  • Live online auction free agent draft with long-term contracts (up to 3 years)

  • Minor league draft

  • 40-man Major League rosters plus a separate Minor League Roster

  • Sabermetric scoring style including Defense

  • MLB-like economic model - build, turn a profit, go all-in for the title, or try your best shot at some balance in between...

If you have been successful at roto or points leagues and are looking for a new challenge, take a look. It's not for everyone, but experienced owners spend many pleasurable hours building their teams for the long run.

This is the team in the 12-team NL-only league I am in, the Bobby Estalella Memorial Classic, which has one team available - and happens to be the team that has won the tilte 7 of the last 9 seasons:http://www.mendozabaseball.com/franchise.asp?ownerid=903&leagueID=9

(if you're ready to take the team, just write me and ask for the password: paintlion at yahoo dot com)

This link downloads a .doc file of the rules if you want to read them before deciding:http://www.mendozabaseball.com/Mendoza%20Rules.doc

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Thought I'd add a few other things...

Your daily lineup is made from your 25 man roster. Like in MLB, guys on the 40 man but not the 25 man are optioned to the minors - as long as they have options remaining (unlimited until they hit 3 years of MLB service time. After that they would have to pass through waivers to be reassigned to the minors.)

It does have daily roster moves, and an unlimited 15 day DL (though like in MLB they would stil count toward your 40 man roster limit, which is why there is also a 60 day DL).

There is a kind of unlimited FAAB - you can spend what you want on free agents, up to the salary cap.

The minor leagues are kind of divided in three levels - guys on option, or on assignment, or prospects with zero MLB service time. Every year after the season begins we hold a 4-round draft of minor leaguers with no MLB experience, who remain on your squad indefinitely, from rookie ball to A ball to AA... until they make it to the bigs. Once they get their first cup of coffee in the majors the clock starts ticking on their service time.

Like it says, it's not for everyone. But it is a helluva lot more interesting.

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I'll throw in my 2 cents...

I am in this league and have been playing Mendoza baseball for 6 years now...in multiple leagues. This is not typical 5x5 or 6x6 type leagues. I play in way too many of those as well, but this format is by far the most interesting fantasy ball I play in.

Just a pitch for a league that is a lot of fun :)

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