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TOP Notch Owners for Roto Mixed Auction in Central Jersey

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This is a league for First Rate Owners. This is a 6x6 Modified Roto League drawing from both AL and NL players. There will be an in person Draft held in the vicinity of Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex Counties.(Most likely on Saturday, April,4,2015.

$500 Entry per team + approx. $12-15 for the cost of the site.

All Entry Fees will be 100% Paid out to the League Winners.

There is a Deep Roster(41) because, there are more players used in a teams active line-up(24)for scoring.

There will ONLY be 2 Keepers kept per year at The previous years Draft Price.

There will also be a small supplement of Minor Leaguers "rookies" per team(4). These are chosen at a rate of 2 per year. After 2 years on a team they are released back to the Draft pool or as an option; kept for $10 for a final, 3rd year.

The League will be a CBS site as the League Home and all the particulars can be seen there by going to the following address: http://bblonj.baseball.cbssports.com

New Owners will take over the Old Owners Roster from last year for the sole purpose of designating the 2 Keepers to carry to the 2015 Roster. Also their 2 Minor Leaguers(Rookies) will be carried forward to the 2015 Roster. If you have any questions or would like me to forward a spread sheet with the teams rosters just email- dimmy130@aol.com or call Matt @ 732-298-3800

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The League sounds like you really need to know your stuff. I like the it has 6 non repetitive categories. Some leagues seem to have overlapping Categories. I also like how you have only 2 keepers to carry over per year. So although there are a lot of player needed to draft , there are plenty to still draft from. Also Great Minor system. I'm in!!

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My Buddy told me about your league and it looks cool. It like the deep Roster aspect with just a small element that can be kept each year. It's not quite starting fresh each year, but if you had a bad year, you won't be buried for the following year, unless you draft poorly. Please email me with what rosters I can select my 2 keepers and the Minor league guys I need for this season. my email is Fantastic730@yahoo.com Thanks

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In order to access league site you will need to email me @ dimmy130@aol.com for password. Also Some have asked about the Cats. and Roster , so here is that info.

Batting Pitching Active Roster Reserves

OBA ERA (2) C (1) C D+T WHIP (2) 1B (1) 1B

R K (4) MI (2) MI

RBI W (2) 3B (1) 3B

HR SV (5) OF (3) OF


(5) SP (3) SP

(4) RP (2) RP

--------- ----------

24 13

Minor Leaguers 4

Total Roster 41

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The above looks confusing after it posted So: Hopefully this looks more readable.

Cats Hitting - OBA, D+T, R, RBI, HR, SB. Pitching ERA, WHIP, K, W, SV, HD. Active Roster (2) C, (2) 1B, (4) MI, (2) 3B, (5) OF, - (5) SP, (4) RP TOTAL 24. RESERVES (1) C, (1) 1B, (2) MI, (1)3B, (3) OF - (3) SP, (2) RP Total 13. (4) Minor Leaguers "Rookies" for a Total Roster of 41.

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