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2015 MLB Impact Prospects Thread


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I think it would be great to have a comprehensive thread to post any news/speculation/rumors regarding potential prospect call ups. Maybe even predictions or discussions in regards to team specific needs and potential fits. What you guys think?

News from today:

Steven Matz promotion getting close (before All-Star break):


NEW YORK -- Left-hander Steven Matz, who has a Pacific Coast League-leading 1.94 ERA, should not have to wait much longer for a promotion to the New York Mets. Asked about a published report suggesting July 1 might be the target date for Matz's major league debut, a team source told ESPN.com it very well might be sooner -- as in within the next three weeks.

Astros promoting Vincent Velazquez for tomorrow (Weds) start:

Law says that Velasquez has the aresenal of No. 2 starter, including a 93-96 mph fastball, a plus changeup and a slider that sits 82-84 mph but still needs work, as it tends to flatten out. The consensus on Velasquez is that he may rank higher on all of these lists with a better track record of health. He missed the 2011 season due to Tommy John surgery and had a pair of non-arm-related injuries in 2014 that limited him to 63 2/3 innings. McDaniel adds that his arm troubles date back even to his high school days, where he had a stress fracture in his elbow and a ligament strain during his junior year. His 2015 season didn’t begin until May 8, but in five starts at the Double-A, Velasquez has worked to a 1.37 ERA with 37 strikeouts against nine walks in 26 1/3 innings.
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Gut calls for the next few guys:

Severino, Berrios, Stephenson -- all could be up by the trade deadline. Different cases for each, obviously.

Severino may have the clearest path as the Yankees are back to a 5-man rotation and he's supposed to get the call should they need a starter for any reason. With Tanaka's injury history and CC's ineffectiveness, there's opportunity here, likely in the near future.

Berrios isn't blocked (at least not IMO when Nolasco and Pelfrey are the guys in the way), but he's just been promoted to AAA. A couple of turns there could make MN believe he's ready... but if they continue their slide, they may just wait for September to promote him for a cup of coffee.

Stephenson is showing the ability that can make him a true ace, but he's also flashed those walks in his last few turns. Cueto seems like a very good bet to be dealt, and while Iglesias is returning to a rotation spot post-ASB, I could see Stephenson also getting a shot in the second half if/when Cueto moves on, especially if he keeps his walks down.

As for bats, Sano and Seager seem like the most ready to play, with Peraza right behind.

Sano has Plouffe in his way, but that seems fairly easily solved by moving Plouffe to SS or the OF, and letting Sano rake. Again though, it's the Twins, and there are no guarantees they keep going for it with their current slide and Buxton's injury.

Seager could probably hold his own right now, and Rollins isn't exactly setting the world ablaze. That being said, idk that the Dodgers make that move anytime soon. Maybe late July? August? Tough situation to read.

In Atlanta, a better than expected season from Jace Pederson has kept Peraza in AAA. I think Atlanta is simply being smart with the situation as they're not really in position to compete this year, despite their record to this point. Conceivably, they'll sell off some assets as the deadline approaches. One not mentioned often is Uribe, who could be a useful bench bat for a contender. If Atlanta moves him, Pederson can slide to 3B with Peraza slotting in at 2B. Peraza can also handle the OF, and could find work in CF or LF if Atlanta does stay in contention and tries to go for it. At this point, they want to be confident he's ready... no point in rushing him up for a club that's going nowhere. That being said, my guess is Peraza is manning 2B on Opening Day 2016, and they'll want him to get his feet wet in the second half this year.

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What prospects do you think will be called up when rosters expand Sept. 1st?

Any of the top 100 prospects on the verg of being called up for a cup of coffee when the roster expand teams can take a look what kind of player they have?

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I think Matt Morre has a chance to be called up. His last performance was 16 K's in 6 IP. Only issue is TB doesn't need a SP right now. But as a fantasy owner, I would like to see him up to see what he can do.

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Javier Baez and cross town counter part Micha Johnson (could be really strong pick ups down the stretch)

Nick Franklin (not exactly a prospect but he's hitting well in AAA)

Jose Peraza & Richie Shaffer (I don't imagine them playing a whole lot though)

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Brandon Druray

Archie Bradley

Hector Olivera (At some point)

A.J Cole

Javier Baez

Adam Duvall

Alen Hanson

Scott Schelber

Jose Pereza

Austin Barnes

Rymer Liriano

Christian Walker

Gary Sanchez

Rob Refsnyder

Slade Heathcott

Richie Shaffer

Ryan Brett

Justin O'conner

Dalton Pompay

Erik Johnson

Micah Johnson

Matt Davidson

Frankie Motas

Steven Moya

Jesus Augilar

Jorge Bonifacio

Wynton Bernard

Max Kepler

Jon Singleton

Nick Tropeno

Kyle Kubitza

Joey Gallo

Ryan Rua

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