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Rank some keepers?

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In the playoffs, but really without even a puncher's chance. Just staying engaged by mulling over my keeper options for next season, thought I'd see why you fine folks thought. Lemme know which two you'd keep, or if you're up late killing time like me, feel free to throw a full ranking down.

H2H, 9 cats, 10 teams, 14 rounds, 2 keepers. Player and the round I'd get 'em:

Kawhi Leonard, 6th

Isaiah Thomas, 7th

Markieff Morris, 9th

Gorgui Dieng, 10th

Khris Middleton, 12th

Obviously a lot depends on the off-season, but just looking to get some snap judgements. Kawhi is pretty much locked in. Thomas could have a starting gig next season, which would make him a steal in the 7th. Kieff I kept from last season, and he's been nice but not overwhelmingly consistent; we'll see how he finishes the season out. I had Gorgui locked in for a while, when I was sure he'd be starting next season, but now I'm not as sure some of the others might not be more useful. And I might be a victim of recent success with Middleton, but Kidd seems to love him and I've loved having him. Again, might just be over-estimating him due to a fantasy man crush, but if he looks good to keep this role next season, he's lovely in the 12th.

Agreements? Contentious retorts?

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