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Dynasty: Jeff Green vs Middleton


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That's a tough one. I gotta say, I'm really questioning how things will be when Jabari gets back.

Giannis will start I'm fairly sure, and I'm pretty sure Parker will too. But where does that leave ilyasova and Middleton? Will Parker shift to SF, shift Giannis down to SG, and move Middleton to the bench?

So many questinos. I think it's best in dynasty to go with the guy who has the upside and opportunity, and the upside is obvioously Middleton (23 years old to Green's 28)... but Green definitely has the surer role and therefore perhaps better opportunity next season...

If you want to play it safe, go Green, who I see as a starter next year as well.

If you want to go for upside and potential, go Middleton.


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