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Brand New 12-14 Team Keeper league! $100 entry fee H2H

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Thanks for clicking on link. Looking to start up Brand new league. It will be H2H Points league. The hope is for everyone to keep between 3-5 Players Yearly. I want to make sure we can get some serious owners who will be committed to making this league last. Last Year I joined a league and had a great team going into next year when the commissioner decided to pull the plug on the league. Mostly because his team sucked. I vowed never to get in league again like that, So I started my own. I will not fold my team or league no matter how bad.

I will be hosting on CBS website and can send you the invite if you are interested.

It will be $100 entry fee which I will use League Safe.

The prize money will be voted on once we have the 12-14 teams on board.

Trades will be allowed and subject to a 5 Person Trade committee. The committee will randomly be selected before the season starts.

Please email me at tag4771@hotmail.com if you have any questions or are interested in joining.

I hope you have a draft day set in next week or so. Mostly likely to be on Sunday Night towards the end of the month.

Thanks for your time


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