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Epic new 30 team DYNASTY (Money league)

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This is a 9 category H2H dynasty.

The recruitment process for this league will be very strict. About 15-20 of us are from different leagues together and what we did was gather the most active and skilled managers from our leagues to form this new one. For example, Our other league had 98 trades this season and the chat room is always packed with everyone talking. We will not be recruiting anyone who just does the bare minimum which is to set their lineups. Everyone in our league is involved and if your the type of person who ignore trades and doesnt even reject it or never talks on chat then please dont bother posting here because this will not be the league for you.

What types of players we are looking for

1. people who are very active. trades/ responds to trades at the very least. talks on chat, posts content in the article threads. By no means do we expect you to post content but at least being active in the chatroom, talking being friendly and being a good skilled manager is a must. we want no newbies.The content we have enough people for but if you would like to post stuff by all means go ahead!

What types of people we dont want and who will probably not want us? someone who is a casual player who just posts lineups. If you are casual this is not the league for you. All of us are pretty much the top managers in our other leagues. most if not all have won deep league championships so if your looking for a easier league then this is not the one for you.

Why you would want to join us?

1. Chat room is ALWAYS filled with people talking

2. Tons of trades and everyone was hand selected so you can count that everyone who is currently in the league are good active managers(about 15 in and 5-6 more confirmed so we have 9 spots left, however we are only recruiting just 3-4 from roto for now).

3. We are a friendly crowd. since most of us know each other from different leagues, there are already rivalries and people who love competing vs each other. There are also the top of the top managers who everyone is gunning for. All in all the immersion is in place and it actually feels like a real league.

4. There is WEEKLY Game of the week content. We have a writer in the league who posts a detailed analysis of the game of the week.

5. We have WEEKLY Power rankings.

6. All trades get reviewed just like in real life.

7. Miscellaneous content such as 5 year projections for each team

8. Awards will always be given out near mid season and end of season. These are all just for fun and add to the excitement of this league.

9. Other events and contest. For example this year during all star weekend, a manager gave out 10$ from his own pocket to whoever guessed the right 3 point winner, mvp winner, rookie game mvp, and dunk contest winner. Also we had a contest for end of trade deadline guesses for real life nba and winner also got 10$. These are all out of random owners pockets so we always appreciate owners doing a bit more then needed.

Dues: this is a money league if its not clear. And the dues will be 30 +30 for next year and from next year you will just be paying 30 for the following year. We do this because we have done this in our other league and it worked out great. it commits people and prevents casuals from joining us since we don't want casuals who are not active. Everything in this thread is really to prevent people from joining since if you made it this far and still want to join us then you might be the right guy for us.

Categories are standard with no TO. A 9th cat is being discussed at the present time.

Also remember that since a lot of us are currently in another league as well, all the chat and activities are not going to start anytime soon. As soon as this season ends, more activity will start in this league. So don't expect people to be chatting a lot in the chat for now. Just gotta be patient and i guarantee you that your expectation for how a fantasy league is supposed to be will skyrocket and you will not want to be in any other leagues besides this. This is what happened in our other league and we just wanted 1 more which is this one. We are all leaving every other league we are in besides this and the other one.

Honestly i wasn't going to invite any outsiders to begin with but i think a few new players might be a good thing but again please don't apply to join unless you fit EVERYTHING i just said.

The Rules are in the next post.

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  • NBA Fantasy League Constitution

    Initial League Setup*

    * = other than the dues section, this entire section will be removed from the rules once we get the league started and these initial processes are complete

    1) League Dues

    • It will cost $30 per season to participate in this league.

    • Dues will be collected via LeagueSafe (Our league’s page there: (A link will be put here in the future when we are getting closer to the end of the current season).

    • A portion of this goes to Fantrax, to whom we owe $79.95 for running a ‘Premium League’ on their site.

    • The rest of everyone’s dues will go into a prize pool to be distributed at the conclusion of the League Playoffs and a very small portion of it might go to MISC categories and awards. Teams who are in rebuilding phase needs a bit of incentives so there will be other ways of making a little bit of your money back so stay tuned for specifics later. If by any chance the small bits of the money doesnt go to anyone then it will just be added to the prize pool so either way all of it is up for grabs. (specifics still TBD, but we are in discussion about this so please check the message board and give your opinion as to what you think would be best. Everyone’s opinion will be considered completely and equally, so don’t be shy.)

    • In order to keep owner turnover to a minimum, we will be collecting the dues one year in advance. This means the initial dues from everyone will be $60. This covers both the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasons. Every year thereafter will be the standard $30 for the following year, so next year we will all owe $30 for the 2017-2018 season.

    2) Team Selection/Initial Keeper Process

    • Once all 30 owners have joined the league on Fantrax and paid their dues (see above) for this year and the following year, there will be a four step process in getting the league started and everyone ready to go with their roster. First, we will hold a lottery (viahttp://www.draftpicklottery.com/) to determine the order in which everyone will be able to select where in the team selection/initial keeper draft they would like to pick. I will be doing a LIVE drawing of this so it will be an event everyone will probably want to get some food and beer for.

      • This means if you ‘win’ this lottery, you do not automatically have the first pick in the team selection/initial keeper draft, it means you will have first pick of WHERE in the team selection/initial keeper draft you’d like to pick.

      • You may select the first choice and will have your pick of all 30 teams and essentially any player in the league to start with as your initial keeper, but the draft order of the Inaugural Draft is inverse of the team selection/initial keeper draft, so you would have the last pick in the Inaugural Draft in which we will be selecting the remaining 11 players for our rosters. Just the same, you may take the 30th slot in the team selection/initial keeper draft and you’ll be given the last remaining team available to make your keeper selection from and have as your own after everyone else has picked, but you will then have the first pick in the Inaugural Draft.

      • The amount of time everyone will have to make their selection in this process is 12 hours.

      • We are doing this to keep strategy (and fairness) intact for everyone. We’ve all joined leagues where it’s first come/first serve, and it’s not very much fun if you are just late to the party and ‘get stuck’ with a late selection of team/player.

    • Once this process is complete and we have our team selection/initial keeper draft order, that draft will take place.

      • Remember, where you pick in the team selection/initial keeper draft will be the opposite of where you pick in the Inaugural Draft. So if you have the first selection in this, you’ll have the last pick in the Inaugural Draft...on the flipside, if you have the last selection of team/player, you’ll have the first pick in the Inaugural Draft.

      • Everyone will pick an NBA franchise and ONE player from that team (NBA rosters will lock as of the day in which all 30 teams are signed up on Fantrax -- this will be announced so everyone knows when NBA rosters are locked and any real life free agent moves after that will not affect this initial keeper process.

      • The timing of this draft has not been determined, but will likely either be 12 hours.

    3) Inaugural Draft

    • Once everyone has their team and initial keeper set up, we will begin the Inaugural Draft to make selections for the remaining 11 spots on your roster.

    • This will be a slow (offline) draft.

      • 11 rounds, 330 total picks.

    • Everyone will have 12 hours to make their pick.

      • If you are not able to get your pick in on time and exceed the 12 hour window, the commissioners will discuss amongst themselves and make the best selection for you at the 12-hour mark. This is the only time in which this will be done. In future drafts, if you miss your pick, you will be skipped and the teams after you may jump ahead and pick, you can come back and make your selection as soon as you are able.

      • Please try not to use the whole 12 hours. It’s not a big deal if you absolutely have to for some reason, but we’re trying to move this along in a brisk and timely manner to get everyone set up and ready to go on this league. 330 picks will take a long a** time if everyone drags their feet and uses the full 12 hours to make their selections!!!!

      • The draft will be a standard (NON-SNAKE) draft order. So every round will be the same exact order. If you have the first pick in the draft, you have the first pick in every round thereafter.

    • The draft order is the inverse of the team selection/initial keeper draft order.

    • Trading during the Inaugural Draft is allowed, but only current picks and players may be dealt (not future draft picks, which will be eligible to be traded after the draft is complete).

      • The commissioner(s) will make a ruling on a trade passing/vetoing during the draft to keep things moving along. The league voting on the deal to that point will be considered in any and all discussions regarding whether the deal should pass/veto. But the commissioner reserves the final call on whether a deal is passed/vetoed during the draft.

    • Any player currently in the Fantrax player pool (including all 2014 draftees, who should be in the pool but may not be yet by the time we start the draft) are eligible to be selected in the Inaugural Draft.


    1) 12 man active roster

    • This will be your 12 active NBA players (not including any IR-eligible players who are occupying IR slots).

    • You are REQUIRED to have at least 10 active players on the roster at all times DURING the season. At certain points in the offseason it may be acceptable to have less than 10.

    • Any time a player is placed on the IR, dropped from your active roster, or traded from your active roster, and your roster total is brought below 12, roster spots must be filled by eligible players within 48 hours.

    • You may never have MORE than 12 players on your active roster, with the exception of eligible IR players, who are moved to an available IR slot.

    2) 3 IR roster slots

    • There will be three IR slots to use on players who are deemed OUT by the Fantrax system.

    • This does NOT include suspended players, they are not eligible for an IR slot.

    • Once a player is no longer eligible for the IR, you will have until the following scoring period to make the proper adjustments to your roster and return to a fully-eligible lineup.

      • This means if your player becomes ineligible for IR on Friday December 4, you will have until Sunday December 13 (the end of the FOLLOWING scoring period) to make corrections and get your roster squared away.

    Daily Lineup

    1) Starting Lineup

    • You will be able to edit your starting lineup every day, and each player is eligible to be moved from the bench to the starting lineup, and vice versa, up until the start of their own game on that given day.

    • You are expected to field a full team every day.

    • This means all spots must be filled by an active player, whenever possible.

    • You will have until the end of the following scoring period to make adjustments to your roster and regain a fully eligible lineup. See above for example if this is unclear.

    • The lineup itself, every day, will be SIX total starting spots: two guard slots, two forward slots, one center slot, and one utility (any position) slot.

      • Will be listed on your team page as G, G, F, F, C, UTIL

    • There are no limits on the number of players you may own at any position.

    • A good faith effort MUST be made to fill your starting lineup with players who are active. This means no stashing injured players in the starting lineup or on the bench with an empty IR slot.

    • You MUST make a good faith effort to play your best players. Benching productive players in favor of less favorable options in order to tank is unnaceptable And will not be tolerated.

    2) Bench

    • You will have SIX total bench slots which you may use to keep players not being used in the starting lineup from day to day.

    • You will be able to move players from the bench to the starting lineup, and vice versa, up until each individual’s game starts on that given day.


    • Head-to-head, each category

    • 9 Categories, they are: Points (PTS), Rebounds (REB), Assists (AST), Steals (STL), Blocks (BLK), Field Goal Percentage (FG%), Free Throw Percentage (FT%), Three Point Field Goals Made (3PM), (This last category is still currently being discussed. some possibilities might be FTA or Double double. If you have any suggestion on the 9th category (besides TO and 3%) then make a post about it. The final verdict will be announced when we approach the end of this season. There is also a small chance that this league might remain a 8 category league but again this can all be discussed in the message boards.

    • This means that at the end of every week, there are 8-9 categories in which you can win/lose/tie, it’s not majority rules of those 9 categories with one single win/loss/tie at the end of the week.


    1) Inaugural Draft

    • Specifics on this are described above within the Initial League Setup section.

    2) Offseason Draft

    • Every offseason, we will hold a ____ round draft, which will include all incoming rookies that year and any players who were not designated as a keeper that offseason.

    • The draft order will be based on the reverse (worst to best) order of the final standings, with a draft lottery for all teams that did not make the playoffs (detailed below).

    • There will be a 12 hour time limit on all draft picks.

      • If you do not make your selection within this 12 hour window, you will be skipped and the teams picking after you may jump in and make their selection(s) in continuing order. You will be able to come back and make your pick as soon as you are able.

    3) Draft Order

    • Draft picks 15-30 will be set in reverse order of the final standings.

      • League champion will pick 30th, runner-up 29th, etc.

    • Teams who did not make the playoffs will have selections 1-14.

    4) Draft Lottery

    • The lottery for non-playoff teams will be held about a week or two before our draft will be set to begin.

    • Every team from 1-14 in reverse standings order will be given an assigned a percentage of getting the #1 pick. We will use the same odds system as the NBA does, detailed below:

    1. 250 combinations, 25.0% chance of receiving the #1 pick

    2. 199 combinations, 19.9% chance

    3. 156 combinations, 15.6% chance

    4. 119 combinations, 11.9% chance

    5. 88 combinations, 8.8% chance

    6. 63 combinations, 6.3% chance

    7. 43 combinations, 4.3% chance

    8. 28 combinations, 2.8% chance

    9. 17 combinations, 1.7% chance

    10. 11 combinations, 1.1% chance

    11. 8 combinations, 0.8% chance

    12. 7 combinations, 0.7% chance

    13. 6 combinations, 0.6% chance

    14. 5 combinations, 0.5% chance

    • If two (or more) teams have the same record within the lottery order, the tiebreaker will be head to head record. If this is still a tie (or the two teams did not face each other that season), the odds for those teams will be averaged and split evenly. Should the resulting average number not be an integer (has a decimal at the end, for you english majors), there will be a coin flip to determine who gets the extra ‘ping pong ball’ in the drawing.

      • This means if the Celtics and Jazz finished with the same record, which ended up being the 4th/5th worst in the league, and they did not face each other that year, the combinations for those two slots will be averaged and they will have equal odds at the #1 pick. So rather than the #4 slot having 119 combos and #5 slot having 88 combos, they would each have 103.5 combinations. Because that is not an integer, there would be a corresponding coin flip to determine which team would have 104 combinations and which would have 103.

    • Once the first three picks are determined, picks 4-13 will be the remaining teams in the lottery process in reverse order of regular season record (from worst to best).


    1) Free Agency


    • Since this is a 30 team league and the waiver wire will be extremely thin (mostly people who get 5-8 mins a game along with d leagueuers), there wont be any waivers for this league. As Soon as you drop a player, he will be free to be picked up by anyone else on this league.

    Free Agents

    • There is no maximum on the number of free agent moves you can make within a given week, nor is there one on the year as a whole.

    2) Trades

    • All players may be traded before the trade deadline.

    • There will be no trades from the trade deadline until the completion of the league playoffs.

    • Draft picks for up to two years in advance may be traded.

      • At the completion of an offseason draft, the next year of draft picks will be available to be traded. Meaning this season (2015-2016) and up through the following offseason’s draft (one year from now), you will able to trade 2016 and 2017 draft picks. At the completion of next offseason’s draft, you’ll be able to trade 2017 and 2018 picks.

    • League voting on trades to pass/veto will take place for 48 hours on the Fantrax page. Majority rules in this process. Once that 48 hours has passed, the trade will be processed based on the voting (automatically) on Fantrax and players/draft picks will be swapped at that point in time.


    • Given that this is a true dynasty league, you may keep as many players (up to 12) as you would like for as long as you like. There is no penalty or limit on the keepers in this league.

    • This also means that if you keep 12 players, you will have to make a corresponding drop in the draft in order to add that player to your roster. You can not go over 12 active players at any given time.


    • Everyone pays $30 per season, so we have $30 from 30 teams = $900 total

    • $80 goes to fantrax every year for running a premium league on their site.

    • That leaves $820 to be dispersed every season in the prize pool.

      • $30 will go to each division winner (6 div. winners x $30 = $180)

      • Playoff teams will earn $15 for each round you advance in the playoffs up to the finals.

        • This disperses $210 throughout the playoffs (8 first round matchups + 4 second round matchups + 2 conf finals matchups = 14 total 'playoff matches' to earn 15 bucks apiece in)

      • That leaves $430 for champ/runner up, which will be split $330 to champion and $100 to runner up. But those teams are already pulling 45 apiece for making it to the finals, so it is really $375/$145, which is right around a 70/30 split.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns?

    Feel free to contact any of us and we will be more than happy to help with anything you need. We want this league to run as smoothly and enjoyably as possible. That starts with having full understanding of the rules and guidelines, so please familiarize yourself with all of the in’s and out’s of this league so that you will have the best experience possible!! Most of all, have fun, and good luck!!

  • post on this thread any questions you may have and or concerns.
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This league is going to be legit, a handful of rotoworld veterans are already signed up. To make it clear league dues are $30 , we pay 1 season in advance so initial cost will be $60 on leaguesafe. Slow draft will start sometime in July

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This is going to be very active and DEEP league. If you are tired of inactive managers who don't test your skills, come prepared to learn. 30 teams, 12 roster spots (plus 3 IR). This league will change how you watch NBA and play fantasy basketball.

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Dont be shy guys , give this league a chance. It will raise your expectation on how a dynasty should and could be ran. This league wont start till next year but there are a lot of things that will keep everyone busy till next season with this league like picking your players and franchises. If your unsure but do fit the requirements just join the league and get a feel of everything. You dont have to commit anytime soon since this season isnt even over.

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damn... 175 views but not 1 reply . Those who read but didnt reply can you let me know what exactly is it that turned you guys off? Maybe i can answer your questions which might help you guys join. I guarantee that no one will regret joining this league. we have a lot of people from roto forums in it already but want to get a few NEW faces in.

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I'm interested

have you been a long time lurker? If your interested and you think you will be able to compete with us monsters then leave your email.

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Hi - Sorry but I havent had any keeper draft experience, but am interested. Can you please explain in detail what you mean by

"This means if you ‘win’ this lottery, you do not automatically have the first pick in the team selection/initial keeper draft, it means you will have first pick of WHERE in the team selection/initial keeper draft you’d like to pick."


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Hi - Sorry but I havent had any keeper draft experience, but am interested. Can you please explain in detail what you mean by

"This means if you ‘win’ this lottery, you do not automatically have the first pick in the team selection/initial keeper draft, it means you will have first pick of WHERE in the team selection/initial keeper draft you’d like to pick."


It means you get to choose any pick #1-30. If you choose #1 pick in initial team keeper, you will get #30th pick in every round of the rest of the draft. Or you can choose pick #30/ last choice in initial team keeper, you will get #1 pick in every round of the draft

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i am sending you guys the invites but keep in mind that about half the people in league are concentrating on playoffs at the moment in our other league so activity will be low there until playoffs are over. As soon as playoffs end, i will resume the recruitment process and start the whole festivities for this league.

also the 9th category after a long discussion has been decided on and it will just be a standard 9 cat which means TO is the 9th cat.

also we decided on setting aside 20$ or so for a consolation prices for the losers bracket of teams who are not going to be in the playoffs so they have something to do as well.

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ya i did awhile ago. i will send it again. make sure to check spam folder.

i checked my spam folder and the inbox but I haven't received the invite. However, I have been receiving the emails from this rotoworld post so I don't think the problem is on my end. My email address again is jmacswphila2015@yahoo.com Sorry to be a pain but I don't know what the issue is and I'm very interested in your league.

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