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League wants Owners who know MLB talent

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First off, your team will not consist of the basic # of roster slots plus all of available players in a gigantic FA Pool to rescue you from your ineptness. We have Deep Rosters and the FA Pool will be considerably lessened due to our DEEP Rosters. You will Have to DRAFT or TRADE your way to 1st Place.

League seeks a couple more Owners for Mixed League(AL/NL) Roto Auction to be held on (TBD) but most likely between 3/29/15 an 4/4/15. $150 Entry Through League Safe. 100% paid out to League Winners.

1st Place 53%

2nd Place 24%

3rd Place 14%

4th Place 9%

1 Weekly Winner of $30 for each of 10 Pre-designated weeks of the season

Modified 6x6.

Weekly Line-ups

FAAB once per week

Trades Allowed

Hitting- R, D+T, RBI, HR, OBA, SB

pitching- ERA, WHIP, W, K, HD, SV

Active Roster - 2-C, 2-1B, 2-3B, 4-MI, 5-OF, 5-SP, 4-RP = 24

Bench- 1-C, 1-1B, 1-3B, 2-MI, 3-OF, 3-SP, 2-RP = 13

For more info just email me at Ringleaders62@gmal.com

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