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Possible Championship Team?


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Pick 8 of 14 - H2H 11x11

Team is in signature

- Took Bautista at 8 -- he's a fixture on my squad

- Draft heavy offensively and didn't draft SPs until much later (guys I like and upside)

- Punt Saves due to the amount of categories -- do it every year

- No RPs - SPs in RP slots

- Didn't address 2B/SS until the end -- still got the guys I wanted/liked

Leave a Link. Thanks.

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I like to punt saves too...if the situation calls for it.

There is no way I waste a high draft pick on RP. If there are decent guys there late, Ill grab one or two and then maybe try to pick someone up.

That closer wheel keeps turning....there are always arms available

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