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Keeper League Dilemma


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So I had a crazy stacked team in a 14-team league that included:

Anthony Davis

Kyrie Irving

Jimmy Butler

Victor Oladipo

Rudy Gobert

LaMarcus Aldridge

Jrue Holiday

Hassan Whiteside

I have a few other guys that may be keeper worthy like Gorgui Dieng, Tobias Harris and Dennis Schroder. Injuries killed me and somehow I lost in the 1st round with this team as a #1 seed to the 8th seeded team.

Anyway, we keep 5 players going into next season and I'm having a tough time deciding. Right now I'm leaning towards the first 5 listed: Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Victor Oladipo and Rudy Gobert. It's extremely tough leaving out Aldridge though. Does anybody think I should keep him over Gobert? Are there any other changes you'd make?

It is a 12 cat league with 3pt% and a/to (instead of assists) as categories which made Jrue Holiday (who's been a keeper for me in this league the past 2 years) very valuable but he's screwed me big time with injuries both seasons so I don't think I'll be keeping him.

Which 5 would you keep? Thanks in advance and I will try to help with anything if you post links.

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Wow, I can't believe you lost with that team. I've had similar problems with injuries/rest though. I think you have it right with the 5 you chose. Holiday is too much of a risk at this point, despite his potential. Whiteside is just not in the same class as AD and Gobert, and his situation could change if they bring in another bigman easily. His antics on the court also concern me a little. LMA is definitely the tough one, though... For me it comes down to LMA versus Oladipo, and I think Victor takes the leap next year. Any way you can sell LMA off for a draft pick?

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Any way you can sell LMA off for a draft pick?

That's a very good idea. There haven't been any pre-draft trades made the past 2 years I've been involved in the league but I'm going to find out if I can.

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