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Looking to join $50-100 10 team league (Roto or H2H)

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Hey we are looking to fill a spot that one of our owners bailed on. Its a 10 team H2H points espn auction League. The buy in is a little lower than what you were looking for. Its a $40.00 buy in. The draft is set for Saturday April 4th at 7 pm PST.

Judging by your ID name your probably a Patriots fan so Im not sure if you would even want to play in a league where most of the guys are from Seattle and hate the Patriots with a passion but if you are interested check the league out by clicking on the link below


I do not get notifications when people respond to my replies on here so email me directly if you would like to join. Email is vanquaejo@hotmail.com.



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Please let me know if anythings available. I'd prefer a snake draft if possible...


What's up man! We need a few more owners to fill up our league. Here is the link to the rotoworld thread: http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=514080

It is a 10 Team H2H League

Or, feel free to email me directly at valensi24@yahoo.com to get an invite. Thanks!

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