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We have a little higher entry fee of $150, but figure I'd reply just in case you were able to manage it.

This is the Leagues 1st year, so every Team will be drafting from scratch. But we are looking for owners who will stay w/ the League for years to come.

I will give you some of the highlights w/o sending you the Whole League Constitution. After reading this, Please shoot me an email, one way or the other and let me know if I should be sending you an invite to the League. There is ONLY 1 spot left.

We will conduct the Auction on 2 nights this year only due to the projected length of the Auction(estimate: 21/2 to 3 hours per night) and to accommodate several of the owners who have prior drafting commitments.

8:00 pm (Eastern Time) Tuesday, March 31st and Thursday, April 2nd.

Team Entry Fee $150(LeagueSafe) and approx. $12 - $15 for site

Rotisserie Mixed (AL/NL) Online Auction

Auction Budget $450

6x6 Batting: R--D+T--RBI--HR--OBA--SB Pitching: W--ERA--WHIP--K--HD--SV

STARTING Roster (2) C (2) 1B (2) 3B (4) MI (5) OF (5) SP (4) RP = 24

RESERVE Roster (1) C (1) 1B (1) 3B (2) MI (3) OF (3) SP (2) RP = 13

***Minor Leaguers( 'Rookies") ---- 4 = 4

(Based On MLB Rookie Eligibility)


**** We Will make this a (small)keeper League. W/ a small contingent (2) keepers to be forwarded at previous years price to next years roster.

In conjunction : We will select

**** Minor Leaguers "Rookies" . They will be selected at a rate of 2 per year. each "rookie " will remain on your roster for 2 years Only(having no Dollar Value/not applied to Auction Budget). In the 3rd year, the Rookies will be dropped back into the player pool or Can be Kept at a price of $10 TO BE applied to Auction Budget.

****This Year we will conduct the Snake Draft after the Auction ( Via Email Probably on opening day) We select 4 Minor Leaguers "Rookies" (2) Will be on Roster for 2 years called R2s and (2) for 1 year) called R1s, to start.

**** Going forward in 2016, we will only select 2 Minor Leaguers per year and we will Hold Half the Rookie Draft in a Snake Draft before the Auction and The 2nd Half after the Auction.

Set Weekly Roster. Are Allowed any (2) Weekly Substitutions ("Midweek Moves") except for SPs who have Pitched already.

Unlimited DL Replacement Subs (Provided you can cite a source that the player is actually on DL) You would use your reserves to

replace the DL'ed Player. If this is not possible, you will be allowed to pick up a player from the FA pool. The player will remain in your line-up until you are able to replace him w/ someone from your roster(or the DL'ed Player is Back), at which point the player is dropped back into the FA pool, OR unless (in the immediate FA(add/drop) Bidding Period) a team Bids and wins that player. Then you just pick up another player from the FA Pool.

Player Eligibility - Hitting- 10 games played at a Position previous year or current year.

- Pitching 2 CONSECUTIVE games as a Starter = SP

2 CONSECUTIVE games as a Reliever =RP

*** For the Auction, a Pitchers (cited)Upcoming Role to begin the season will determine eligibility. ***


Balanced and Unbalanced trades are allowed. Traded players will become part of new Teams roster at beginning of next scoring period. Rosters must be Balanced after Trade By end of Free agency Bidding Period. therefore if you are short or over at a position , if you have not remedied this imbalance via trade, you MUST do so via Free Agency bidding. Which is held on the last night of the scoring period.(Sunday)

FAAB Budget - $100

Must bid to ensure all Roster Slots are Filled.

Bid Minimum $1

Contingent Bids Accepted.

If you have any questions or would like more detailed info just shoot me an email or call me. Let me know if I should send you an invite.

If you want in...YOU would be the 12th and Last team in the League.




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