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Recruiting for 5x5 h2h, draft tonight @ 9:15 EST $50

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I think I'm on another league with you Upton. Lol. I'd be interested if you could move to time to 7:30PCT. Is this possible? If so... Matthew_Levinsky@Yahoo.com

Yeah I think you are! lol

As of right now I don't think it is, but I will let you know if that changes.

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I'm in if you can do 6:30. I mean it's 15 minutes. Let me know ASAP. Thanks.

I'm likely to be stuck in traffic for the next hour plus.... That may be doable but it's gonna be a little bit before I can confirm, get you in... So keep an eye out

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I am going to need 2 replacements it looks like...maybe 3

I am pm'ing everyone who said something earlier in this thread, but if you want to draft in ~1.5 to 2 hours speak up now!

be prepared to pay into league safe asap

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