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$75 Dynasty Start Up League. Draft is on Monday Night at 8:00!

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If you're interested post or email me mondo46er@yahoo.ca

League fees will be $75 per season. Funds will be held using League Safe.

League schedule – Set by CBS in randomized order. There will be 2 matchups a week for each team.

Playoffs - Top 2 teams from each division play each other

Example - NL east #1 seed vs NL east # 2 seed
NL west #1 seed vs NL west #2 seed
AL east #1 seed vs AL east #2 seed
AL west #1 seed vs AL west #2 seed

The two winning AL & NL teams would play each other in round 2

The winning teams would then play each other for the league championship in round 3

League Payouts - $1200 total collected. League commissioner (CBS) $180
$1020 prize fund

Weekly winners $20 each x 22 = $440
Division winners $25 each x 4 = $100
Wildcard $15 each x 4 = $60
Losing teams round 2 of playoffs $50 each x 2 = $100
Losing team round 3 of playoffs $ 95 x 1 = $95
League Champion $ 225 x 1 = $225

Draft - First league season (2015) we will hold a 50 round draft. The draft will be an auction draft set to begin on March 29 at 4:00 PM EST. Each team is asked to please include a cell phone number (if available) as an additional way for league members to let you know you MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE DRAFT. If you can't make the draft, then DO NOT JOIN.

Waivers and Player pickups - Once the draft has been completed, all remaining players will be placed on waivers. After the initial waiver order, the waiver order will change each week (Monday morning) based on teams records. Worst record will have first pickup etc.

Roster - 50 man rosters. 36 players on your regular roster of which you will start 22 players each week as follows

1 – C
1 - 1B
1 - 2B
1 – SS
1 - 3B
3 - OF
2 – U
6 - SP
4 - RP

Lineups need to be set prior to the beginning of the first game of that scoring period. Each scoring period will last for 7 days beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. There may be an exception for week #1 depending on the MLB schedule. IT IS EACH TEAM OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN A PLAYABLE LINEUP. This means you can't just keep injured players in your lineup. The commissioner reserve the right to fix and lineup they see as not complying with this rule. If they happen to be playing a team with injured players in their lineup they will have one of the other commissioners change the other teams lineup.

Each team will also have 14 spots for minor league players. If one of your minor league players is called up to the Major Leagues, you MUST move him to your 36 weekly rosters or release him. If the player gets sent back down to the minor league you may assign him back to a minor league spot. If he is called up again you must also place him on your roster or release him. Failure to adhere to this rule. You will receive an email from one of the commissioners alerting you to this rule. You will have until Sunday evening 11pm est. to make the correction. After this time the player will be removed from your roster.

Scoring - Please view league scoring.

Rule 5 draft- Since this is a dynasty format with no players become “free agents”, in order to maintain level of parity in the league, there will be a “Rule 5” draft after the season. Each team will submit their 40 man “protected” roster to commish at end of season which remainder of players on their roster are subject to selection through the draft. The worst team will have first pick and the best team will have last pick with one round to be completed. 2 players at most from one owner’s team can be selected (to prevent teams from losing all players they posted) and you can select players from your own team during your pick if you choose to do so. Any players not selected will remain on their current team’s roster

International player signings and Rookie Player draft – In order to facilitate this process, ANY player that is not affiliated with an MLB team (International players and college/HS players) AS OF THE OFFICIAL OPENING DAY OF THE SEASON, will NOT be allowed to be added to any rosters for that season. This does not included older players that had prior affiliation with an MLB Team (yes you Roger Clemens). This is purely meant to contain all these players for the offseason. On the first day Pitchers and Catchers report, we will have a 2 round “Free Agent” draft where teams will have the opportunity to pick international signings/rookie players/free agents signed during the year. The draft order will be based on year end standings with worst team picking 1st and the league champion picking last. Also as the MLB does it, you will NOT be able to trade these picks however can pass when it is your pick if you choose so.

UNLISTED PLAYERS- If a player is not listed in CBS database, CURRENTLY in MLB System (Minor leagues here) and was so prior to opening day (as not to conflict with International signings and rookie player draft). Please just post public message to message board with player info (Player name, Team, Position) and player card will be created to hold roster spot. This list will also be posted to the home page at all times for teams to manage

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I'm interested...what is the scoring system and auction budget? I don't see that in the post...also do we have to give up anything for our kept players or is it just you keep whatever 40 you want plus the outcome of the rule 5 draft?...devils518@ymail.com

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you keep everyone. you protect 40 players the other 10 are available to be picked in a 1 round draft. each team can lose a maximum of 2 players from this draft. its h2h points and the auction budget is $320

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