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Last minute keeper draft when full

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League invite link: https://yho.com/mlb?l=162982&k=18f462d5abf6c07d&ikey=20da8b5955d92c15

Yahoo 5x5 H2H

12-16 teams

Keep 8 mlb and 3 prospects

We will vote on a draft date and time when full but want to do it asap

1-C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, and Utility Scoring: AVG, RUNS, HR, RBI, SB







3-NA(minor leagues)

$75 league safe must pay before draft. Payouts on league approval

Keeper and minor league by-laws as posted on league page are as follows:

-Each team keeps up to 8 major league players per year and 3 minor league players per year.

-Keepers must be declared to the commissioner by the first Monday of February each year to allow ample time for values and eligibility to be confirmed by the commish and approved by the league. League wide reminders will be sent out beginning in January.

-Players can be kept for as many years as an owner desires but the keeper value increases as follows:
-The first year a player is kept after being drafted his value goes up by $3.
-The second and third year the players value goes up by $5 per year.
-Every subsequent year results in an increase of $7 per year.

-If a player is acquired off waivers through the expense of FAAB dollars the amount spent in waivers is his initial keeper value. Meaning if you pay $20 FAAB and keep him the following year it will cost $23 against your auction salary that year. Remember to take this into consideration when determining FAAB bids.

-All players that are purchased on auction day will retain there auction value for the purpose of keeper costs for the entire season even if they are dropped or traded.

-If an undrafted player is added off free agency his initial keeper value will be $5. Meaning if a player is added to a roster from free agency and you wish to keep him the following year it will cost you $8 the first year, $13 the second year, and so on.

-Minor league players will be drafted in the same auction as the active roster players.

-Once a minor league player accrue's 150 AB's or 50 IP's in a single season he may not be kept as minor leaguer the following year. If you wish to keep said player he will count as one of your 8 active roster keepers and inflation of keeper prices will commence. If he is sent to the minors by his MLB team he will remain on your active roster or dropped/traded. He can not be returned to any minor league roster once he has hit these thresh holds.

-If a player that was acquired while in the minors does not have at least 150 at bats or 50 innings pitched during a season he may be kept at the same price as he was acquired for until a year following a season of at least 150 AB's or 50 innings pitched, at which point the escalation of salary will begin. If said player was a free agent acquisition he may be kept for $3 initially.
Example: Javier Baez is purchased at auction for $8 and doesn't get called up until September, only accruing 75 AB's in 2015. You may keep him at $8 in 2016. If he has 151 AB's or more all year in 2016 he will cost $11 in 2017, $16 in 2018, and so on.

-Yahoo! does not allow us to draft minor league players directly to the NA(minor leagues) slot. Therefore, we will have three extra bench spots for the draft for minor league/NA players. After the draft you will move these 3 players to your NA slots. I do not believe I can remove these 3 bench slots after the draft. IF I CANNOT REMOVE THEM THESE THREE SLOTS THEY WILL BE LEFT EMPTY. Please be honest. Do not make me police this. The first offense will result in removal of the player added to the slot from your roster. The second offense, and every one after, will cost you $5 FAAB budget in addition to player removal. If you do not have FAAB money left it will cost $5 on your auction salary next year. These infractions will be chronicled on the message board as well as kept track of by me so that there can be no dispute next year when you don't have as much auction money as you were expecting.

-NA slots may only be used for minor league players not players who are listed as NA for any other reason (suspension, etc;). These players must take up one of your bench slots. These infractions will be penalized in the same manner as the above item.

-If a player is called up yahoo will not let you make any roster moves without first putting said player on your active roster. If said player is sent back down and you have added another minor league player to your roster you must either drop the first player or drop the second player and return the first player to an NA slot. Failure to do so will result in the same penalty as the above two items

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We have 8 right now. Just lost one...becauses there are so few people interested I can't set something in stone until we fill but we're shooting for sometime between 8-9:30 pm eastern one day this week. The link is an invite so if you join try and read back through the boards to get a feel for where the conversation is. There isn't that much there. And please post on the draft availability board.

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