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$200 Yahoo H2H 12 Team 5x5 Leaguesafe DRAFT TIME MOVED

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I have another post up but I really had to put this one up to change the draft time in the title. If we don't get the league filled in time tonight, I will get everyone their LeagueSafe money refunded right away.

From previous post:

I've started a $200 Yahoo league. Use the link below to view settings and read the commissioner's note. If you're on board, send me an email at cap223@gmail.com and I'll send you invites to Yahoo and Leaguesafe.


There's been a good bit of interest for someone to start a $150+ league so I did. Tonight's Cubs/Cardinals game will not count toward week 1 stats.

This is the invite link for Yahoo:


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He cancelled it due to only having 6 signed up.I've been looking around fir another one though.

I have had my eye on it for days. I've been trying to fill this league https://yho.com/mlb?l=162982&k=18f462d5abf6c07d&ikey=20da8b5955d92c15 with little success. The plan has been if it doesn't fill to just join a Pro league when they return mid April. However, yahoo is now saying it will return "soon" instead of mid April...my guess is they never return. Not happy! The reason I haven't joined was $200 was twice what I wanted to spend. I was hoping for $100 but would have gone to $150 if I had to.

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