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$200 Yahoo H2H 12 Team 5x5 Leaguesafe DRAFT TIME MOVED

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I have a few posts up for the same league but but keep updating to a new one with the current draft time. If we don't get the league filled in time tonight, you should be available for the next day at 10pm EST. See LAST POST IN THIS THREAD FOR CURRENT DRAFT DAY/TIME.

From previous posts:

I've started a $200 Yahoo league. Use the link below to view settings and read the commissioner's note. If you're on board, send me an email at cap223@gmail.com and I'll send you invites to Yahoo and Leaguesafe.


There's been a good bit of interest for someone to start a $150+ league so I did. Tonight's Cubs/Cardinals game will not count toward week 1 stats.

This is the invite link for Yahoo:


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Current draft:

Monday at 10pm EST

Current League Status: 6 of 12

Hurry and join. Hurry and pay. Please don't say you'll join if it's close to full. Join now so we can gauge if/when it will be full.

You are free to leave if we don't fill up. And you will be able to get a refund from Leaguesafe if you leave due to the league not filling up. Leaguesafe has a method of requesting a refund that is very easy. See the league message board for details. This is not my first rodeo. I'm a very active commissioner that will do everything possible for you to feel better about joining an anonymous money league with "high" stakes.

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