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This is a deep league, 18 teams and I'm trying to determine who my last keeper will be. I know the list is not inspiring but this is who I have to choose from:

Michael Beasley

Tyler Ennis

Bruno Caboclo

Archie Goodwin

Al-Farouq Aminu

Who has the most upside?

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oh man, that's a disgusting list to choose from.

beasley = zero upside

ennis needs mcw gone. or else he'll be limited to 10mpg. he's more of a stash for 2 years later should teh bucks decide not to sign mcw to an extension

caboclo is a total mystery

i think aminu has the best chance of being a regular. if he can just fix his jump shot, he could be a poor man's shawn marion. but he's likely to be nothing more than a tayshaun prince type player

i'd go with aminu

Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=515643

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Tyler Ennis plays hockey so **** him

Michael Beasley plays basketball as well as Allyce Beasley

Bruno Caboclo-just no

Archie Goodwin-maybe except he ain't winning friends and influencing people in Phoenix.

Al-Farouq Aminu-I think the only one of the 5 that you can get production from and can start in the right situation

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I'd go with Animu, he's only 24 so he should be a decent bench guy for many years.

With Green on the way out (probably) and Tucker geting older Goodwin's prospects look decent but I have no idea how talented he is.

Go with the safe pick in Animu.

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The safest pick is probably Aminu.

But in a league that deep, you could take a shot on Goodwin and his potential. He did have a few solid double-digit games this year, and could earn minutes in Phoenix's rotation next season.

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