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Finals Week! Last thread of the season. Help please!

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Greetings Roto! Congrats to those that made it to the final week!

It has been a long journey for me, but as you may know, I need your help for the final week, one last time.

Long story short, my opponent has Curry, Harden, and leonard... (nervous laughter).

He also has Jimmy Buckets, and a whole bunch of wings who can score and shoot the 3.

STATISTICALLY speaking, this whole season he has been beating me in points, ft, and 3ptm.

I have been beating him in FG, Reb, and blocks. Our TO's have both been similar, tho I probably have a little more in general. Which leaves assists and steals on the line, which have gone back and forth. Last week I beat him in assists, while he beat me in steals tho.

My team is essentially a punt ft team, so I have some solid bigs in Andre Drummond, DJ, Favors, etc.

My team has ultimately been point guard heavy as well. I am definitely keeping my bigs, however which guard should I DROP and who should I pick up?

I would like to focus on increasing steals, and lowering TO, while maintaining my FG and assists.

My team (except my bigs)

D Will

B. McLemore

G. Vasquez

I. Thomas

R. Jackson

R. Rondo

I also have R. Kelly who hasn't really been doing well.

I like Rondo for his assists as well as R Jax, however their TO's are killing me. Not sure what to do here.

On the Wire available:

K. lowry

P. Millsap

R. Gay

D. Rose

J. Lin

J. Crawford

J. Sullinger

M. Smart

I. Shumpert

S. Larkin

A lot of them are injured, yet many are expected to come back this week. If I hear any of them coming back who should I quickly drop/pickup?

Again, thank you Roto!! and congrats on this season for everyone!

Whir 100%

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First of all, thanks for your response on my thread.

Hmmm, I personally think I'd have to be between rondo or RJAX (sad to say, because I have him and love him). Greg Monroe is returning, and rjax had a tough time getting to the rim with that crowded front court prior to Monroe's injury, on top of that if your team is prided on FG% I'm sure rjax kills that a bit. Same with rondo on a lesser degree since he doesn't shoot as much as rjax. I just don't like rondo because he hasn't been as productive on the mavs and I don't see him producing a whole lot for you.

I would pick up Gay if there's an update for his return, but I think Rose will give you more steals if that's what you need.

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If people had to choose between dropping R Jax and Rondo, who would it be?

R Jax had a terrible TO ratio last week, but maybe it comes down this week?

I'm eyeing lowry and gay however, for either R Jax/Rondo and Greives.

More opinions welcomed!

Thank you in advance!

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I think you are on the right track with Lowry/Gay and dropping R Jax. Vasquez would be the other likely drop IMO as he is more likely to have a meh game than he is to have a good one.

Rose would be in the conversation if he was coming back for sure but he's likely to see limited minutes as well so may not the needed production.

Millsap is out for a couple so no help there. Lin hasn't done much in the last 10 days or so after a run so isn't a safe bet. Larkin unfortunately doesn't face the 76ers again and besides the Knicks are so bad who knows how little they might score in a game.

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So between vasquez, r kelly, rondo, and rjax, which 2 would you drop for Gay and Lowry? Since rondo and rjax both have high TO, wouldn't RJax be the better fit? Though his fg might be slighlty lower, his assist is higher. Plus if he picks up reggie, I may lose in the assist cat. Don't forget he has curry and harden, and a bunch of wings that can shoot and get some assists as well.

And would you pick lowry and gay up now? or would you wait till you hear that it is 100% confirmed that they will return? Because tbh, my opponent is a hawk, who probably sleeps 2 hours a day, refreshing the fantasy button to make sure he picks up whoever is best in terms of availability haha.

Thanks for the response btw.

More opinions welcomed, and WHIR

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I'd drop Vaquez for Gay.... don't think Lowry will be back for their first 2 games this week, but Vasquez really sucks... R.Kelly is a nice glue guy to own (top 30 in the last 14 days)... And also Rose will be limited for their first 2/3 games.... I'd drop Rondo and add Rose (when there will be a news about him returning)

Save some moves for Lowry / Sully (if he gets back in the starting 5) they have a decent schedule at the end of the week/last 3 days of the season and they may be decent adds

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