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League safe not so safe

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I write this as a heads up to other commissioners who use league safe. Late last September I set up league safe for our second season using this service. We had a date of 10/3/14 for owners to be paid up. I was on their site on 10/3 and all owners had made a payment as indicated at the top of the screen that all money had been collected and their was zero due. I have not been on their site since then until yesterday when I logged in to allocate funds and saw we were short one payment. I immediately emailed them to get to the bottom of the issue. Apparently, one of our manager's payments was declined a few days after this date. I asked why I wasn't notified that a payment had been declined. Their response "I'm sorry, but we don't email commissioners when payments are unsuccessful. We have hundreds of failed payment attempts (per day) due to user error, and we are not going to notify our commissioners every time that occurs in their league." I'm sorry, but as a commissioner of a league that enlists your services, that is paid for, yeah, I'd like to know if a payment to enter our league is declined. Yes, I could have logged back in to check that all payment made it thru ok, but didn't realize 1. this might happen. 2. that they wouldn't email me if it did happen. The excuse that they don't want to inconvenience us commissioners with many emails of failed payments is a crock, and I would have been grateful for that heads up. Even an email saying "all the managers in your league have not paid" would have been enough. Luckily for our league, the player that didn't pay up, won exactly what he owed and it wasn't an issue. I did question him as to why he never brought this to my attention and he says he was unaware of the declined payment, which I have some doubts, but it worked out so I didn't press that issue any further. If there are any other similar services out there I will consider them for the future, and it's a lesson learned, luckily this lesson doesn't affect my wallet.

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