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Select 2 keepers for 15/16

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I don't know, having Rubio on a team with two stellar FG% guys like Leonard and Ibaka seems counter intuitive. I would take Korver, Dieng and Collison (in that order) over Rubio with all his injuries and shooting issues. His assists and steals aren't worth 35% FG percentage to me.

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I'd take dieng, dirk/korver/Collison.

I really like Dieng. Pek can never stay healthy, and he's already shown massive signs of life this past year with Pek out. Korver is such a good 3pt shooter, if not the best. Not a huge fan of dirk because I think the peak of his career might be over, and it's on the decline now, if you think you can trade him next season purely off of name value go with dirk.

I agree with jwconnel, that Rubio kills fg% percentage that Leonard and Ibaka excel at. George hill next year will no longer have as much opportunity as he did this year with the return of paul George.

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Tough choice.

You could really pick any 2 in that list and not really go wrong.

Im leaning toward Collison/GHill.


Other than Korver those 2 posted the highest per game rankings in your list this season.

I am high on both of them again for next season.

I honestly think Dirk has begun the final decline that pretty much everyone hits @ 37.

Ibaka and Leonard are the prototypical top round picks for a punt points team.

Collison and GHill are the top scorers in your list if you choose not to punt.

They give you a lot of what you need if you do punt as they are high% low TO PGs.

They dont hurt you anywhere.

They are still relatively young.

Only concern is their injury prone year this year.


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I'm afraid of Dirk at this point. The decline is visible...

I tend to go with youth over experience in fantasy and it seems to pay off every time.

Korver had an amazing season capped with an all-star selection

Dieng is young and shows promise.

Rubio is had a tough season and if you don't like either of my prior selections then go with him.

Thanks for help w/ mine

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I like Dieng and Krover. The writing is on the wall for Pek. He is worried about his health and Dieng has shown the ability to fill in and put up great numbers. Krover has been solid for the past 3 years and is more than a shooter as of late contributing in categories across the board.


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I think Dieng should be one of the two. It would be hard to list keepers and Not have Nowitzki there but eventually the time comes to let go. I would have hard time to though. I think alot of teams wouldn't mind having a "declining" Nowitzki. Korver is a definite consideration but I wonder if he really can do it again.

With Collison I think you need to look at who other teams are likely to keep and what PG's are going to be available to you. If you have 4 rounds of keepers and depending on the number of teams in your league you need to compare Collison to who you might be able to draft in that 5th round. With the exception of this year Collison has been fairly durable and was having what was looking like his best season til the injury. Rubio as talented as he is is basically a half a season player with the constant injuries. I see Hill similarly as one hangnail away from a stint on IR.

I assume you do not need to declare your keepers until a short time before next season starts so I would wait awhile and see what the off season does to the status of those players listed. Dieng's value would appear to be on the rise and supposedly no one in Dallas is safe from a trade so players may rise or drop in value.

Cheers and good luck.

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I think rubio is a lock, someone mention his FG% but I think you can stomach it with kawhi and serge and b/c he gets you so many cats and can win you asts and stls ( espically with kawhi stls) by himself.

Having trouble myself picking a fourth one but its a toss between nowizki, dieng, or collision. I'd only take nowizki if you think you'd be able to trade him, dieng good but beware b/c it doesn't seem that the t-wolves are totally prepared to make him the center of the future, we'll see in this years draft. Collision seems like the safest bet to me for now hut no glamour. If I had to pick though i'd take dieng.

Good luck and thanks for the feedback on mine

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I kinda weighed in already, but I would go with Korver and Dieng. I think Dieng is going to be getting the minutes to put up some really good stats next year and like was already said, Korver is a 9-cat stud. Rubio is just too injury prone and inept at scoring for me personally. I watched a game last year where he missed two wide open layups... Thanks for mine!

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Dieng is a clear no-brainer for a keeper league. I don't know many keeper managers that would throw him back in the pool.

I think Rubio is 2nd, although I don't even like the guy. He can't shoot, worst case is in a few years he ends up like this season's Rajon Rondo 2.0. But still, for the forseeable future he has the most upside of anyone on this list and that weighs more.

Dirk? I dunno why you would keep him. Next year he'll proably be a mid-rounder, his best days are clearly over.

Hill and Collison are about equal, and the Kings even tried to get DWill so I wouldn't trust them to utilize Collison to the best of his potential over the next few years. I dunno why so many people picked Collison over Hill, Hill has the more stable career and stable role imo.

Korver is great and he'd be my 3rd choice because his game should age very well, but the fact remains that he's 34 and his value will rapidly decrease in the near future. Not too many 36-year olds can rack up the stocks.

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