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Successful Trades 2015 Edition


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There were underlying factors in this one that made the trade equitable for both teams but face value with out knowing the underlying factors this trade looks like a real steal at face value on paper.

My Kimbrel, Lorenzo Cain and Carlos Martinez

For His James Shields and Hanley Ramirez

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Receive: Cole Hamels

Send: Gio Gonzalez and Jose Reyes

I liked Gio, but I have my doubts about Reyes and staying healthy. I wanted some kind of pitching upgrade and I settled for Hamels.

Not a big fan of that trade.
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Thanks man. This guy was desperate to trade with anyone in my league. At our work he was cutting on these 2 other guys about not wanting to attempt trades like I was. I tried trading with him a couple of times to no avail. But this trade got him locked in. He has Peralta as his main Shortstop and figured he could use an upgrade. His best pitcher was Hamels, but he gave it up for Gio. I think it's a win win overall. Helped us both.

Oh I see you changed your post. Well you dont know the rest of his team and you havent followed my pitching obviously. Im last in saves, and 2nd to last in era, also 4th to last in WHIP. I've got Bogaerts/Moss/Alvarez constantly riding the bench, trading away injury prone Reyes is nothing to me for the upgrade to Hamels from Gio. I've watched most of Reyes at bats this season and its nothing to be proud of. Hamels doesn't worry me.

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gave andre miller wade davis

got springer

gave rizzo donaldson neil walker

got trout rendon

gave felix scherzer wacha lorenzo

got trout strasburg span iwakuma castro (tor rp)

gave sale mcgee

got kluber lester

gave elvis

got fister

gave kipnis crawford

got lorenzo cain leonis martin

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Gave: J. Samardzjia and M. Ozuna

Got: T. Rosenthal and F. Freeman

This was just before the season started, I was pretty loaded with SP's, needed a reliable RP, and liked the upgrade on the bat. After a couple underwhelming weeks by Samardzjia I'm pretty happy with it.

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