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Successful Trades 2015 Edition


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my Kipnis, Upton, and Cashner

his Weiters, Rodon

I needed the catcher as I was using Chirnos. Collecting young SP for next year and beyond. The open spot used for promoting Correa. Picked up Nicolina for a spot on the minor farm team.

Gave up a lot but not a Kipnis or Upton fan as both seem to fade after the ASB.

This is clearly a joke.

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Why would it be a joke?

Minnesota Twins Matt Wieters C | BAL - Traded from Wizards Of Ozzie
Carlos Rodon SP | CHW - Traded from Wizards Of Ozzie 6/8/15 6/8/15 1:25 AM ET Wizards Of Ozzie Andrew Cashner SP | SD - Traded from Minnesota Twins
Jason Kipnis 2B | CLE - Traded from Minnesota Twins
Justin Upton RF | SD - Traded from Minnesota Twins
When it turns into a money league next year, I will have Sale, Fernandez, Carrasco, Rodon, and Lynn as my starting pitchers. Except for Sale all have double digit draft rounds to lose. Carrea is a 25th round. And I have Franco or Lamb in the 17th round. None of the players I traded were keepers for next year.
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Team in sig

Traded away Rendon and got Arrieta straight up.

It's a limited keeper (5 per team) and Arrieta will cost $8 next season.

I wasnt keeping Rendon and I'm concerned about both his recent injuries...

Any thoughts fellas?

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