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Successful Trades 2015 Edition


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14 team keeper league. Took over a team before the season and decided to rebuild in the last couple of days.

Sent: Jose Bautista

Received: Maikel Franco, Matt Duffy

Sent: Chris Sale, Alcides Escobar

Received: Mookie Betts, Julio Teheran, Archie Bradley

Sent: James Shields

Received: Steven Matz, Javier Baez

Sent: Yu Darvish, Howie Kendrick

Received: Shelby Miller, Josh Reddick, Francisco Lindor

What do you guys think? My first crack at fantasy baseball in years.

could of got alot more for sale and joey bats

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10 Team, H2H, 5X5, Keep 4

I sent : Kluber, Strasburg

I got: Bryant, Tex

Roster : C- Ramos, 1st- Rizzo, 2nd- Hernandez, SS- Correa, 3rd- Bryant, 1st/3rd-Tex, 2nd/SS- Infante, OF-.

Harper, OFCutch, OF Yelich, OF Grichek, OF-De Aza, Utl - Sandoval D/L -Pedoria

And basically no pitching to trade any longer.

Had an older pitching heavy team that was coming in the middle of the pack every year. I have traded for Cutch, Correa, Harper, and Bryant who along with Rizzo makes me younger for next year and actually have 4 players worth keeping

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Gave: Bryant/Puig

Received: Harper

12 Team, keep only one batter. Bryant can be kept for a 4th round pick, Harper a 2nd, but I'll prob be keeping Correa for a 23rd.

Nice parting gift from Bryant, 2hr, 6 rbi.

Tough letting him go.

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Finished my 3B upgrade journey. Last season traded Longoria for Kipnis. This season, traded Kipnis and Escobar (WSH)for Machado and Devon Travis. I'm happy with that turn around.

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Gave: Billy Hamilton, Steven Matz, and Carson Smith

Received: Matt Kemp and Jake Arrieta

How about this trade though?! Im still a little in shock I traded away Matz not knowing about his Lats issues at the time because it wasn't presented to the public. Kemp is raking too right when I got him.

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Keeper league

Gave: Strasburg

Got: Matz

Gave: AGon, Carpenter, Colabello, Street

Got: Fielder, Seager, J Peralta

Not a huge fan of Stras for Matz. Just think you probably could've gotten someone more established... Though Matz minor league track record and scouting reports seem to say he's legit. The ceiling in dynasty is undeniable though. I certainly hope he works out, as a totally biased Mets fan ;)
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Went through last night, pretty happy.

Gave: Richards, Joe Smith

Get: Pineda

Obviously banking a bit on Pineda's health here, but really feel like I just upgraded my staff. Same number of wins, but Pineda's Periphs say he's pitching like a true #1 and GRich's say he's rather average. Pineda's FIP/xFIP/SIERA range from 2.6-2.7, Richard's 3.7-4.0. Plus Pineda has a K/9 that's 2.5 higher.

I actually think they'll both finish strong, just like Pineda more.

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Back in late May

I sent Noah Syndergaard, MadBum, and Wil Myers

I received Chris Sale and Matt Harvey

At the time I regretted it after it was accepted so quickly by the other owner but it's been paying off.

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Gave up a bunch of cheap keepers for the chance to take it all this year.


Maybin, McCann, Pineda, Carrasco


Kershaw, Stanton(DL)

Kershaw and Stanton in a keeper? I want to veto that one on your league behalf and I have never vetoed anything in my life!

Should've clarified, our league has keeper salaries.

Kershaw unkeepable.

Stanton has 1 more year at a good price.

Maybin, Carrasco, Pineda, McCann all half price next 2 years.

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Just traded Tulo for Greinke. I have to roll with Aybar as my new SS but, my pitching rotation will now be Greinke, Cueto, Hamels, Arrieta, Syndergaard, Liriano, and E-Rodriguez. My pitching stats are the lowest but batting will take a small hit obviously. I think this is the kind of move I need to capitalize on if I'm serious about moving up the chains.

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