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Successful Trades 2015 Edition


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Originally traded Bumgarner for Rendon and Tyson Ross. (I needed hitting help)

Last night I completed the following:

Gave: Abreu

Received : Bumgarner

So overall the trade ended up being my Abreu for his Bumgarner, Rendon, Ross. Pretty good return I thought, and I've gone from 11th to 6th over the last 4 weeks.

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My $3 Arenado/$1 E.Rod for his $15 Lester/ $15 Pineada/ $20 Votto/ $1 Soler... I am in first by a large margin and wanted to sure up my pitching before playoffs. Still own Bryant and Donaldson as well.

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Auction keeper league ($260 auction cap). Team I traded with is loaded at SS with Correa, Tulo, Reyes, Sano

Keeper prices next year in parenthesis:

Traded Keuchel ($6) and Cargo ($32)


Correa ($10)

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12 team 6x6 H2H keeper league. Each team can keep only 2 players per year, at a +$7 price, and each player can be kept only two years.

I'm in first place, and just traded:

  • $8 Joc Pederson
  • One 2016 keeper slot
  • $2 in 2016 draft budget


  • Chris Sale
  • Mookie Betts

I'm leading the league in HRs, but am dead last in AVG and close to the bottom in SB, so Mookie is a great fit. Sale joins Scherzer and Price at the top of my loaded rotation. I've lost in the finals the past two years, so it's time to go all-in!

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This morning I traded Mark Melancon for Joc Pederson. I could use another young upside bat to add to my mediocre OF staff. This isn't a bad time to trade away a closer actually, it can help you free up a lesser bat/extra pitcher to focus on the Mujica, Hudson, Jeffries/Smith, Hoover, Hawkins situations.

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I just made this deal in my H2H ESPN Dynasty League.12 teams.

I gave:Chris Davis,Yoenis Cespedes and Mike Leake

I get:Tood Frazier,Lance Lynn and Stephen Vogt

I know I lose the Ces/Vogt swap but i kill in the SP swap and much prefer Frazier's overall game to Davis.

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Just made this whopper of a trade in my 14 team H2H 5x5 keeper league.

I gave:

  • Kris Bryant (control through 2018)
  • Steven Souza (same)
  • Carlos Rodon (same)
  • Cameron Maybin (same)

I received:

  • Paul Goldschmidt (no control after this year)
  • Aroldis Chapman (same)
  • Cole Hamels (same)
  • Mookie Betts (control through 2017)
  • Anthony Rendon (control through 2017)

Figured it lets me "win now" while still preserving my future with two excellent keepers in Betts and Rendon.

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Did this in a dynasty league. Hitting Categories are R, RBI, HR, SB, OPS, XBH and Pitching Categories are W, Ks SVs ERA, WHIP, and QS

I give:

Jesse Winker

Chris Tillman

Edward Mujica

I get:

Shelby Miller

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I sent : Sale, KSeager

I received : Sano, Madbum

Lost the trade for this year, but the league is a 10 team heep 4. I didn't want to keep 2 pitchers and already have Kershaw. And I like Sano going forward. keepers become Sano, Kershaw, Machado, Correa.

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All in one league, scherzers owner offered me this deal had to accept it and since I'm struggling with batting stats, the other 2 trades followed.

Gave Puig+Kang received scherzer

Gave price received Frazier

Gave lester+burns received arod

Gives me a great 1-2-3 punch with Kershaw scherzer and jofer, and feel like Ive improved in power which I desperately need

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