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Wacha/Archer for Brantley/Ventura

golden eagles

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man that looks like an even trade. it's the top and the bottom for the two middles.

I think Brantley is an excellent hitter, but I'd rather have Wacha/Archer.

I don't think Archer is in for regression; I think he is legitimately raising his game to another level.

Also, Yordano is kind of a little b@#$%, and who wants a guy like that on their team?

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Really close deal, I rank Ventura as the 3rd best SP in the deal so you are having a major SP downgrade but I love buying low on Brantley because I do feel he will have another good season. I'm a big Wacha & Archer fan but I think I would make that deal; get the top end hitter even if it hurt your pitching staff because you will get Cobb & Fernandez back.

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