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Did not see a thread. Why no love for this guy? He got a little love on the breakout thread. Now its time he gets a thread for himself

Absolute domination of high A right now. Should be getting a promotion to AA at some point. Its clear these batters are not a challenge to him. Another 12K performance the other night.. The leader in K% for high A and has complemented that with a low BB Rate.

He kinda popped out of no-where in the draft in the 24th round out of Alabama St..

Dodgers adjusted some things after the draft. Now everything is playing up. Fastball Velo.. a full arsenal of useful secondary offerings. Better command.. Some deception to boot..

Had him stashed in my deeper dynasty leagues for awhile. However now its time for the standard size keepers to start paying attention..

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Although Urias is still the top pitching prospect in the LAD system, De Leon is the dark horse to get a late season call-up if the rotation is still thin in August. He could also be a centerpiece in a trade to get a stud pitcher since he's probably the #3 prospect in the Dodgers system with Joc graduating and Holmes having mixed results in low-A.

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Great #'s so far but always remember wha the ultimate upside is for these type of players. There are TONS of 2/3 upside starters available in the fantasy game, and pitchers are more unreliable then position guys.

22 in high A should be doing this sort of thing if he's a 2/3. Don't expect an ace.

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First AA start tonight:

6 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 8 K's, 1 HR allowed

Offense got shut out 3-0, so he got the L in his debut.

Decent article on De Leon here:


Now imagine if Petit could throw 95 mph. Picture it? If not, you might not have to look much further than Dodgers prospect Jose De Leon.

It's unfair to throw a one-to-one Petit comparison on Jose De Leon's delivery, but there's some notable similarities between the Giants' hurler and the 22-year-old Dodgers prospect, who was promoted to Double-A Tulsa on Monday.

Like Petit, De Leon manages to hide the ball behind his body longer than most pitchers. The right-hander keeps his hand behind his right hip after breaking the ball from his glove, then cocks his arm by sliding the ball up along his right side, keeping it out of the hitter's view. You can see this motion in the video below.

What makes Petit's particularly deceptive, though, is that he manages to hide the ball behind his throwing elbow as he delivers, making it look like the ball appears out of nowhere to the hitter. We don't have indisputable video evidence that De Leon does the same, but based on the MiLB.TV video embedded above, this slow-motion YouTube clip and anecdotal evidence by those who have watched him, it seems that De Leon might be replicating Petit's "invisiball" with more impressive stuff. At the very least, he's doing something similar.

"Part of his success is that he hides the ball really well," said Rancho Cucamonga pitching coach Bill Simas. "Some people have a knack for that. It's hard to explain. He hides it behind his body until that release."

By improving his conditioning and tweaking his delivery, De Leon went from throwing in the high 80s and low 90s to consistently sitting 93-94 and hitting 95 with regularity. He maintained good velocity separation between his fastball and changeup, and his slider sharpened from the extra hand speed. By sliding from the third-base side of the rubber to the middle and straightening his stride, De Leon stopped throwing across his body and discovered he could locate to both sides of the plate, as well as up in the zone.

The right-hander's changeup is his best off-speed pitch right now, according to Simas, which led to particularly dominant numbers against left-handed hitters. De Leon held lefties to a .194 average and posted a 30-to-2 strikeout-to-walk rate against them as a Quake, primarily working a fastball-changeup combo against them.

His slider is also a promising offering, getting solid-average grades from MLB.com's Prospect Pipeline team. The 22-year-old throws all three pitches for strikes and simply needs more experience against advanced hitters before he'll be ready for a Major League look -- something that could come later in 2015.

"I think he just needs to pitch more, see more batters," Simas said. "Learn a bit more how to use the weapons he has."

Armed with three above-average pitches, solid command and a growing track record of dominance, De Leon is poised to fast-track to the Major Leagues, something baseball people never saw coming. Then again, that's something of a specialty for the 22-year-old
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Is there a chance he comes up this year? September call up?

I could see him getting a chance in the big league rotation only if he absolutely dominates AA for the next handful of starts. He's obviously more intriguing than the Bolsingers of the world, but it would be foolish to rush him to the bigs unless he really pushes the envelope.

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