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any update on his potential ETA? Urias may be headed to the big league pen which at least gets one name out of DeLeon's way for however long that experiment lasts...

I think at least 4 more starts at AAA

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I guess this is due to the internet, but I'm not the least bit hostile?  Just asking the question...   Regardless, I can't see how De Leon doesn't make starts in the bigs in the second half

It's become depressing to even do this...   7 IP, 1H, 0R, 0BB, 10K. No hitter into the 7th.

This post was rude and offered nothing.     JFS was in no way hostile towards you. Not even a little.       I think it's a legitimate question to ask about De Leon

He was originally slated to go Sunday, but they added in Bolsinger to the rotation and didn't move Urias. It is weird. I'm not sure how the Dodgers are handling him. De Leon threw 114.1 innings last year and with the delayed start to this season, he could probably throw the rest of the season as normal starting now and accumulate the roughly 140-150 IP, you'd desire.

I know the hype is all over Urias, but for this season, if there is a guy to have a fantasy impact amongst the Dodger pitching propect, its this guy.

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Dodgers prospect right-hander Jose De Leon felt some arm soreness after making his season debut last week with Triple-A Oklahoma City.

It doesn't appear to be serious, but the Dodgers will give him extra rest before his next start. De Leon's season debut was delayed for a month due to a sprained ankle. If he can stay healthy, he has a chance to contribute out of the major league rotation this season.

May 9 - 5:35 PM

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