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His Correa for my Pujols and Rondon

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I would stay put. Correa may only give you half a season, if that. There's no way his production during those few months will come close to Pujols'. Plus it doesn't make sense to me to trade Rondon and only have Betances as your only RP.

If this was a keeper league, it would be a different story. But in a redraft, don't do it.


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Hanley has OF eligibility so I could move him in OF and put Correa in SS.

As a SS, Hanley is elite. As an OF, he's good, but not elite. It's about taking advantages where they exist (I'd like to think as someone who has Santana at catcher, you'd realize that). Not to mention that you don't have any idea when Correa comes up or what he does when he gets here.

No thanks.

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