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Do I start Gio today @ CIN? Whir!


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For team 2 in my sig - I am currently leading in all Pitching categories as follows:

W: 4 - 0

SV: 7 - 0

K: 58 - 26

ERA: 1.45 - 4.64

WHIP - 0.93 - 1.39

I'm pretty comfortably ahead in these categories, but my opponent has 4 SP's he could use today and tomorrow: Weaver vs DET, Ventura @ CHC, Shoemaker vs DET and Anderson @ STL. I'm not particularly worried about all 4 of his pitchers dominating, but the chance DOES exist...

I also have Price tomorrow I can start @ LAA...

What do you guys think? Start Gio @ CIN? Sit him? Do I then start or sit Price tomorrow? (Guess that could depend on his team's performance today...)

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