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*Minor League Manager Not Sold on Rule Changes*


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Wally Backman, manager for the Las Vegas 51s (NY Mets Triple-A Affiliate) is not sold on the rule changes implemented by MiLB this season.

“Yes we’ve played some fast games this year, but we’ve also had some really good pitching,” Backman said. “(The clock) is really having no effect on the game. I think that we’ve had two or three calls against us in the course of the year so far.”

51s pitcher Darin Gorski has similar feelings-

“Personally it really doesn’t affect me too much, just because I’ve always been one who works a bit quicker out there,” 51s pitcher Darin Gorski said. “It’s in the back of your head definitely, but it’s just second nature now.”

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These rules are expected to be implemented to the MLB next season. Do you guys think they are good? Bad? Could they effect fantasy baseball in any way?

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