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cmon yahoo, hes not even in the database

And it's here! Happy Maitan Day to everyone!   1-1 with a walk as a DH, pulled after 2 AB's in the 6th inning

Who knew Maitan’s best tool would be a fork?

6 hours ago, Dark Kn19ht said:

Dang you really think it'll take him that long?


That would put him in line to debut at age 21 which is still a pretty fast track.


If he starts to live up to the hype, 2020 is very possible. But he's got a lot of minor leagues to get through.

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Giancarloooooo: Any recent news on how Maitan looks physically and performance wise?


Eric A Longenhagen: Saw him two days ago and he’s heavy. Gonna give him all of extended to work it out before we re-evaluate on paper, but right now it’s not good.


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Not the best quality video down in Orem but you can tell he's put work into the physique at least.


Hit his 2nd HR in 8 games...they seem to be moving him back & forth between SS & 3B almost on an every other game basis.


From box score browsing, he seems to be butchering it in the field; he has 11 errors in just 15 games & seems to be equally bad at both positions. I'm not going to get all concerned as it should be expected that he have quite a bit of rust after taking all the time off doing extended spring training workouts & whatnot.


I have to keep reminding myself that Javy Baez had awful error totals in lower level minors too & he's now one of the better middle infielder defenders out there.

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