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Dynasty League Help - Choose Keepers

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I need to choose 12 of these 16 as keepers going into next season. This is a deep league (18 teams) and 11 cats, adding OREB and FTM. As of right now I'm thinking I will cut McRoberts and Caboclo but having trouble deciding on the other 2. Any thoughts? Below is the current roster.

DeMarcus Cousins

Victor Oladipo

Rudy Gobert

CJ McCollum

Nikola Mirotic

Aaron Gordon

Jose Calderon

Tony Allen

Al Farouq Aminu

Shabazz Muhammad

Marcus Smart

Josh McRoberts

Evan Fournier

Bruno Caboclo

Archie Goodwin

TJ Warren

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McBob, Caboclo, Goodwin and then it's pretty hard.... Warren might overtake PJ Tuker's spot at some point plaus he showed he can put up decent number even in short PT..... Aminu is a decent all around guy, Portland he no one, so he will/can play 25+min and probably won't hurt you anywhere and might be worth owning even in standard leagues.... Fournier will come off the bench, he's just a scorer and his value is capped (plus I see Hezonja also playing some SG stealing more PT from him)..... Calderon is super old but NY has no one at PG atm

I say it's a toss up between Fournier and Warren... I'd throw back Fouriner hoping that Warren will play 20/25 even coming from the bench..... IF NY lands a starting PG (lawson?) you can think about dropping Calderon (but I think I'll still give up the french guy)

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Caboclo for sure. Mcroberts if you like too.

Now I say Goodwin should be third, and Allen or Fournier imo for 4th.

Allen is solid in steals, but fantasy-wise is one-dimensional and has like 0 upside, it's tough for me to keep him in dynasty.

With Mario coming in Fournier might get less PT, and Goodwin shouldn't have a huge role with Bledsoe and Knight still in town (and Booker coming in).

So I'd probably go Goodwn and Allen or Goodwin and Fournier for your remaining two.

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I'd get rid of Bruno, Mcbob, Fournier and Goodwin. I could see a case for TJ, but I just think he's more likely to produce a worthwhile line than Fournier and Goodwin. And while I'm not massively put off by Scott Skiles, if it's a choice I'd avoid it.

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I'm beginning to consider McRoberts as my last keeper over Tony Allen or Evan Fournier. Would that be a mistake? I think he may have a significant role next season, especially now reading about Whiteside likely being limited to 20-25 minutes most games. McBob is still only 28 nd I've been a fan of his multi-category contributions the last few seasons. He could be useful in this 18 team league. Still drop him for Fournier or Tony Allen?

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